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The Diet Plan Of Maliaka Arora For Losing Weight

Being a Bollywood celebrity isn’t a piece of cake. They are in the public eye 24×7 and are looked up to by millions of fans. So, obviously, there lies a great responsibility on their shoulders to always set a good precedent. 

One of these examples set by these celebs is losing weight and being fit. 

The yummy mummy on our list is Malaika Arora, whose curves are getting better as she ages. So, what is the secret behind her figure?

Malaika follows a diet while practicing moderation. She is a vegan and eats simple homemade food and also avoids food with high-calorie content. 

She follows a 5-meal plan and avoids snacking at odd times. She further believes in eating right and working out well, as according to her both hold equal importance. As per the report by, her diet plan is as follows:

– She begins her day with a glass of warm lemon-honey water followed by a litre of water to eliminate all toxins in her body.

– Reportedly, for breakfast, she likes to have a bowl of fresh fruits with something like upma or idli, or multigrain toast.

– For her mid-day meal and evening snacks, the actress likes to fill in by having fresh vegetable juices or peanut butter sandwiches.

– For her lunch, she eats 2 chapattis, rice, veggies, and mostly sprouts for salad.

– Malaika makes sure that she has her dinner before 7 pm and prefers a light meal usually with a bowl of soup and steamed vegetables.

Credit: Her Zindagi

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