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Happy Birthday John Abraham: What is his fitness routine!

John Abraham who celebrates his 50th birthday today is perhaps one of the most toned Indian superstars of the last 20 years that comes to mind. John Abraham is an animal advocate and a strict vegetarian despite having a toned body. And in this piece, renowned physiotherapist Dr. Prashant Mistry, who has previously worked with John Abraham, offers advice on how to develop the actor’s physique. John Abraham’s balanced diet and workout routine are the key to his lean and muscular physique.

John Abraham makes use of the gym on three to four occasions a week with workouts that focus more on volume and compound exercises that target both major and minor muscles. Here is a basic explanation of his exercise regimen that you can use; however, if you are a beginner, you should get a doctor’s advice before beginning.

1) Workout on Monday (Chest and Back superset training )

Table Press (6 sets)

Deadlift 10–12 repetitions.

Bench Press with an Angle and Lat Pulldown 5 Sets (15 reputations) (15 reputations)

declined bench press and four sets of seated rowing (15 reputations)

Fly a free dumbbell and sigh 5 sets (10 to 15 reputations) (10 to 15 reputations)

2) Tuesday schedule (shoulder volume training)

five sets of overhead presses (15 to 20 reputation)

4 sets of lateral raises (15 to 20 reputation)

4 sets of upright rowing (15 to 20 reputation)

5 sets dealt in the back ( 15 to 20 reps)

3) The weekly schedule (Legs)

5 sets of squats (20 reputation)

4 sets of squats (10 to 12 reputation)

Sets of Extension-4 (10 to 15 reputation)

Leg curl — four sets (10 to 15 reputation)

Calves lift four sets. 10–15 reps

4) Friday customs (Biceps and triceps)

5 sets of dumbbell curls (15 reputation

Hammer sets: four (10 15 reputation)

4 sets of preacher curls (10 to 15 reputation)

Remove 4 sets ( 15 to 20 reputation)

5 sets of overhead extensions ( 15 to 20)

5 sets of parallel bars (15 to 20 reputation)

5) Wednesday and Saturday are PS key days.

Cardio: 40 minutes of treadmill workout


Exercise for the abdomen

6) Sunday is a rest day because the body needs at least one day of rest.

Never forget that having a good role model is just as important for maintaining a healthy body as eating well and exercising regularly.

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