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Shahrukh Khan: How does pathaan actor follow his fitness plans with his work?

Shah Rukh Khan, who already has a lean physique, was able to reduce his body fat percentage in order to get shredded eight pack abs and a generally well-defined frame.

Diet of Shah Rukh Khan

Skinless chicken, egg whites, lentils, nonfat milk, and lean meat cuts are all components of SRK. He abstains from consuming processed grains like white rice and bread. His regular diet also includes raw or grilled vegetables as sources of macronutrients.

While he has also disallowed artificial sugar, he still adds fresh fruits as a supplement. He always drinks water and other fluids like coconut water and fruit juices to stay hydrated. It’s no secret that he adores black coffee. The celebrity occasionally consumes 30 glasses every day.

Shah Rukh Khan’s Exercise Routine

According to India Today, the Pathaan actor’s personal trainer Prasant Sawant said that his workout routine consisted of no more than 45 minutes of extremely intense sessions that mixed cardio, strength training, and rehab exercises. Being one of the busiest actors, he usually works out late at night, mixing cardio, cycling, and rehab exercises.

He is capable of anything, according to Sawant. He is an excellent sportsman, and kids may learn a lot from him thanks to his incredible spirit. He enjoys working out at two in the morning and gives every workout his all. He actually outperforms 20-year-olds, and his intensity is only becoming stronger. He must perform both aerobic and strength training, as I demand. He has complete faith in me, so I can make him perform even the most challenging exercises with childlike ease. I make sure he follows what is necessary for his body as a trainer while also keeping in mind a doctor’s perspective; I never allow him to overtrain.

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