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4 things that will help you on your weight loss journey

On their weight loss journeys, many people give up certain food items or work out extra. But, weight loss is neither about giving up your favourite foods, or about spending extra time in the gym.

For long-term sustainable weight loss, experts suggest beginning with small lifestyle changes that can go a long way. As such, certified nutritionist Aanchal Sogani, who lost more than 40 kilos herself, shared the top pointers that people who have begun their weight journey should keep in mind.

“I wish someone had told me these when I was starting my weight loss journey,” Sogani wrote on Instagram. Take a look at her post below:

Start with workouts that you love

It can be dancing, jogging, skipping or even just walking. You will enjoy these rather than feeling like a punishment. Once you become regular, then introduce other workouts one by one depending on your goals.

You don’t have to give up eating your favourite food

Just eat them in moderation. Reduce the portion size. “When I crave something, say pizza, I would first have a big bowl of salad and then the pizza…this way, I will not eat the whole pizza and will be satisfied after eating one or two slices,” she wrote.

Don’t measure your progress just by the weight scale

See the changes that are happening in your body…that’s a sign of progress.

Be consistent

This is the most important thing. Even when you think you are not making any progress, then also just workout! Eat healthy! This will give results, she said.

“Instead of deciding a bigger goal, say 20kgs, think of a smaller one — losing 5kgs and then 5 again,” she advised. This, according to Sogani, helps keep the momentum going.

Credit: Indian Express

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