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Janhvi Kapoor aces latest workout

Would you give Janhvi’s workout routine a try?

Many Bollywood celebrities are known for their unwavering dedication to fitness, not missing workouts, and always pushing their limits. Janhvi Kapoor is one of them. A yoga and Pilates lover, Janhvi’s recent workout proves that she can even ace hardcore strength training.

Her workout video was shared by her gym’s official page with the caption, “A hybrid of cardio and lower body; not an easy combination at all”.

She started her workout with a brisk walk followed by a run on the treadmill. She also performed rows on the machine followed by leg extensions, weighted squats, weighted hip thrusts with a kettlebell, bodyweight split squats, and dumbbell deadlifts.

Janhvi’s workout routine is a compact one as it packs in cardio as well as lower body strengthening drills. Cardio workouts help balance blood pressure, lower bad cholesterol, increase good cholesterol, reduce anxiety by the release of endorphins, help blood circulation, boost lung health, balance blood sugar levels, which in turn helps lower body fat percentage while keeping one’s metabolism high.

Lower body workouts work the biggest muscles in the body and also tone, sculpt, and strengthen the legs and the core while also sharpening co-ordination and balancing skills.

Would you give Janhvi’s workout routine a try?

Would you like to try?

Credit: Indian Express

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