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Varun Dhavan’s Body, Workout Routine and Diet

Varun Dhavan is one of the most promising actors to become a part of the dazzling world of the Hindi Film Industry. Son of ace director David Dhavan, Varun grew up dreaming to be an actor. He started his film career as an innocent student in SOTY and instantly became the heart-robe of the nation. Varun did not have to use his father’s fame to pave his way towards success. Our Pappu (Well…that is Varun’s actual nickname) made a unique mark for himself with his flawless dancing, honest acting prowess and an impeccably toned body. His crafted-to-perfection physique is envied by lads and enjoyed by the ladies. We know that for most of you, Varun is not just an actor, he is also an idol. Many young boys today, look up to him for fitness and athleticism. For such aspirers, we have laid down Varun’s fitnesspedia that will give you enough guidance and motivation.

Varun is a die-hard Sylvester Stallone fan. With one of the best bodies in Hollywood as the idol, Varun always had enough motivation to lift the dumbbells. However, there is one major difference between Varun’s and Stallone’s bodies – Varun is very lean and flexible. Every person has his or her own definition of fitness, health and body and Varun’s take on fitness is a pretty interesting one.

Fitness is not just muscles

For our hero, fitness is not just the physical appearance; it is a state of the body. Varun says that mere muscles will not make you fit or strong. A body should be strong from outside as well as from the inside. His goal is to have a body that harmonizes physical and mental well being. An ideal body is the one that has enough stamina to let you do the day to day activities with ease, has enough immunity to keep you away from illnesses, and one that can cope up with different tasks and activities with efficiency etc.
He believes that simply building muscles will only make the body rigid. Just imagine, can Varun Dhawan dance the way he does if he simply has a huge and a muscular body? Definitely not! In spite of such a chiseled physique, he dances like a dream solely because he focuses on flexibility and agility more than muscles.
Achieving such a balanced physique is definitely not easy but also not impossible. If you are dedicated and ready to pour in your efforts, you too can endorse a great physique like him.

Varun Dhavan’s Work out Regime:

Vital stats:
Chest: 44 inches or 107 cm
Biceps: 15.5 inches or 39 cm
Waist: 33 inches or 76 cm

Well, nothing can be achieved without a mentor who understands your needs and requirements. The man behind Varun’s flawless body is Prashant Sawant who is a famous celebrity fitness expert. He is a personal trainer to Varun and also to biggies like Shahrukh Khan and Ajay Devgan. Prashant has a very interesting way of guiding his disciples. He keeps on adding surprise elements to his work out regimes so that the over-occupied stars can always look forward for the work out sessions.
Time: Varun works out five days in a week and each day he trains his body for 90 minutes. However, after every 7 months, Varun lets his body rest for a period of 15 days so that his body can get a break from hardships.
Routine: Varun admits that he is obsessed with fitness. He cannot imagine his life without fitness and therefore, he is always eager to push his limits at the gym. His work out begins with a simple warm up of about 10 to 15 minutes.
Warm up: Varun says that warm up is a very crucial part of working out that is often ignored by people. Warm up sets the pace of your body for the exercises. It increases your heart rate, activates your muscles and thus, prevents your muscles from injuries during exercising. Varun opts for several ways for warming up. It could be swimming, jogging, running etc. Varun especially loves swimming and he chooses to swim daily for a few minutes.

Exercises: Varun’s work out plan is a mix of several forms of exercises. Prashant has incorporated martial arts, freestyle exercise, weight lifting and heavy duty cardio so that Varun gets the right stimulation to get a lithe body. For weight lifting Varun never goes beyond 25 to 30 kg. His exercises continuously swap between heavy to light and light to heavy weights. He also does mixed martial arts training.

Add-ons: Varun believes that dancing is the best way to get involved with aerobics. When you dance, you burn a lot of calories and at the same time your body gains flexibility and agility. He thus, dedicates enough time to dancing on a regular basis. Secondly, Varun also does a bit of Yoga especially for stretching his muscles – chest and shoulder. Stretching is also a part of his warm up sessions. Varun also is pretty active when it comes to sports. He says that being sporty is the best way to build your stamina in the natural way.

With such a diversified and intensified work out plan, Varun never gets bored of his gym sessions. He says that he is lucky to have a trainer like Prashant who not only plans his work out activities but also ensures that he is motivated all the time. Varun likes to do action sequences and says that he does not want to use a duplicate for his stunt scenes. He is therefore; even more determined to have an athletic body.

Blending exercising with dancing, Varun launched a fitness DVD by the name Pumpstart that has a dance routine to help develop 13 muscle groups in the body. It was choreographed by Remo D’souza.

Varun Dhavan’s Diet Plan

It is a very popular saying that “You become what you eat” and this is a biblical statement for every health and fitness enthusiast including Varun Dhawan. Varun monitors his diet very strictly so that he eats the right things in the right amounts.
Another reason for him to be so vigilant with his diet plan is that fact that he has a family history of obesity and diabetes. With these two hereditary disorders running in the family lineage, he needs to be careful to maintain his optimum bodily state.
Breakfast: Varun has a very protein rich breakfast as it is very important to build and develop muscles. He has omelet, sandwich made with whole heat grains, oatmeal etc.

Lunch: Varun has a simple lunch that consists of 3 chapattis, vegetables like broccoli, steam brown rice and chicken. He prefers to have baked chicken to cut down on unnecessary fat. He prefers having foodstuffs that are rich in natural omega fatty acids and are nutritious.

Dinner: Since dinner is supposed to be the lightest meal of the day, he has mixed vegetables and grilled fish in the night. He tops it with a cup of green tea etc.

Snacks: Varun ideally eats a meal every two to three hours. So apart from the three meals he snacks at regular intervals. His snack breaks too are very nutritious and are filled with papayas, bananas, smoothies, lotus seeds etc.
Varun does consume carbs but he ensures that the carbs that he consumes are low on the sugar content to avoid sugar rush in his blood stream. This is important for him to prevent diabetes and keep his insulin levels to the optimum. Also, he avoids having carbs in the night. Nothing heavy to digest should be consumed in the night. He also has around 5 to 6 liters of water a day. Another thing on his Eat-Me list is his protein shake especially after work out. He never misses this.

Varun revealed that during a stunt sequence for the movie Main Tera Hero he had suffered an injury simply because he did not warm up his body appropriately before the shooting. He thus, urges his fans to never ever skip on warm ups before trainings. Another important thing is to include enough stretching exercises in the routine. He also wants his fans to understand the concept of fitness that is far broader than muscle building. He wants people to aim for a fit body, a healthy body instead of a muscular body. It is important to keep the body flexible and agile because as we age, the body loses its natural tendency to be supple. Once that happens, the body becomes prone to injuries. A body that is fit and healthy, agile and supple will be more prepared for the old age.
We are impressed by the maturity this otherwise playful actors shows when it comes to health. Varun Dhawan is definitely the right idol for today’s youth. He will soon be seen sharing screen space with the Muscular God John Abraham. Varun is preparing quite religiously for this. We thus, know for sure that Varun’s best is yet to come.

CREDIT: Indian Bodybuilding

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