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Tiger Shroff Workout Routine & Diet Plan

Tiger Shroff, aka Jai Hemant Shroff – a son of a “Hero” has definitely come a long way! Born on 2nd March 1990, Tiger was very much passionate about football and wanted to pursue his career in that field. But, his hidden desire to become an actor like his father soon got converted into reality and that ultimately led him to act. Right from his first film “Heropanti” to “Student of the Year 2”, his journey is impeccable and it is not just about his acting, but his dancing skills and chiseled body.

He is the one who has not just focused on its great physique but he looks strong from within. Right from his first take, he has performed his stunts with so much ease, his mid-air splits, backflips, punches, and kicks.

Tiger Shroff is trained in martial arts and he idolizes Bruce Lee. Tiger is passionate about his workouts and hits the gym regularly without a break. In his upcoming movie, he is again going to surprise us with his amazing stunts.

For his debut movie, he underwent motion training and flexibility training which included wall flips and leaps, front pike.

Let’s understand Tiger Shroff’s Diet Chart and Workout Routine:

Tiger Shroff Latest Physical Stats
Build: Athletic
5 ft 9 in
Weight: 75 kg

Tiger Shroff Workout Routine:

Tiger works out regularly and he always plans his workout and makes it interesting by combining different techniques. Well, we all know he is also a great dancer and so, he mixes his cardio with few dance steps and martial arts.  He focuses on muscular strength through weight training.

For his upcoming movie, he is also focusing more on heavy weightlifting.  Heavy weightlifting helps in improving and increasing upper body strength and is instrumental in strengthening muscles. Tiger’s weight training consists of a mix of bicep curls including dumbbell, barbel and reverse curls. His regime also includes deadlifts and lateral raises with the dumbbells. Bench presses, pull-ups, and pulldowns are also a core part of his regime.

He concentrates on activities like gymnastics to maintain and improve his flexibility. This form of exercise builds upper body strength and improves balance, power, control, and agility.

He doesn’t like to miss any day of his workout and exercises for a minimum of 2 hours to a mix of flexible exercises and mixed martial arts.

Monday – Chest (Flat bench, incline bench, dumbbell press, chest flye)

Tuesday – Back (Pull-ups, lateral machine pull-downs, low and one-arm dumbbells of 100 kg, low and one arm dumbbell rolls of 100 kgs)

Wednesday – Legs (Squats with 190kg weights on shoulders, hamstrings curls with 90kg weight, step-ups with 90 kg weight, barbells, and free squats)

Thursday – Arms (Olympic barbell curls with 60kh weight, dumbbell curls with 32kg weight, reverse curls with 30kg weight, close grip barbell presses, press downs, skull crushers with 68kh weight)

Friday – Shoulders (Knee and shoulder press with 90kg weight, military press, lateral raises using dumbbells, lateral raises using a machine, rear flyes with 40kg weight)

Saturday – Mixed (Deadlifts with 250 kg weight, squats with 100kg weight, kneel and press with 50kg weight, plyometric push-ups)

Sunday – Abs (Crunches, hanging reverse crunches, weight loaded reverse crunches with 10kg weight, standing, and seated calf presses)

Tiger Shroff Diet Chart:

Tiger Shroff follows the very strict regime and why not, all the sweat and hard work needs to be backed up with a proper diet regime. His dietician makes sure to keep him away from the simple carbohydrates like sugar, cakes, sugared drinks, sweets, potato, etc. He includes a lot of proteins from the natural sources and whey protein powder. Tiger even sticks to his rule of no carb-containing food after five in the evening.

He is very strong-minded when it comes to the diet regime – no cheating allowed!! Except on a cheat day and that too he relishes sweets which are his favorites.

  • He begins his day very much early in the morning and likes to keep his breakfast packed with proteins and dietary fiber. You will find oatmeal with almonds and eggs, grilled fish with some veggies and a handful of almonds and a green tea.
  • His mid-morning snack would include whey protein shake and dry fruits.
  • Lunch would be mostly brown rice with chicken or fish with boiled colorful veggies. This meal will provide balanced nutrition with protein and vitamins.
  • He usually goes for his fitness training session in the evening and before the workout makes sure to consume whey protein shake either plain or mixed with banana or chocolate.
  • Post his workout, he takes a protein shake to ensure minimum muscle breakdown.
  • He ends his day with lots of green veggies like broccoli and green beans for dinner.

To keep him hydrated he drinks 7 to 8 liters of water every day and plus after so much workout.

Workout Tips from Tiger Shroff

  • Avoid drinking and smoking and detoxify your body regularly.
  • Always train yourself under the professional trainer.
  • Make sure you get 7 – 8 hours of sleep to maintain a toned good physique.

His workout and diet regime seems to be very uptight, but the results you see on the silver screen are remarkable. Go ahead, stop giving excuses to yourself and find out a celebrity in you!

CREDIT: Guardian

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