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5 easy Jasprit Bumrah-approved workout routines 

In four short years since he made his international cricket debut, against Australia, and also took the most wickets in T20Is, Jasprit Bumrah has cemented his image as India’s yorker expert. Along with being a fit and suave athlete, who can bounce back from injuries with ease. Thanks to his pertinent workout routines and dedication to the country’s first love: cricket!

A quick glance through Jasprit Bumrah’s Instagram account will echo the above statement and also (hopefully) motivate you to hit the gym to improve your form for an upcoming gully cricket match. Or just break a sweat over the weekend. For either of the two cases, take a look at the below 5 easy Jasprit Bumrah-approved workout routines to help you get fit like the cricketer.

1. Start running

We know that the thought of running daily itself can stress anyone out, but trust us when we say that running is actually one of the most effective (and easiest) ways to embrace a fitter way of life. It helps improve your energy levels, burns calories, reduce belly fat and even reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

2. Invest in a weight plate

Move aside flimsy dumbbells, the era of the weight plate has begun and we’re all for it. A literal embodiment of a plate, weight plate exercises, which are very similar to kettlebell routines, help build functional muscles. They help increase your grip strength and core stability — owing to the way you have to hold/grip the plate in front of your chest.

3. Try a deadlift routine

Deadlifts, when performed correctly — your form is key, and Bumrah’s is absolutely on point — is one of the most effective muscle workouts in the gym or even at home. It engages multiple muscle groups — hamstrings, glutes, back, hips and the core — together and also helps strengthen your grip. No wonder Bumrah’s yorkers are so deadly.

4. Give cardio a shot

If you’re not keen on lifting weights then give cardio a shot. Cardio is essentially working out with the absence of weights. So activities such as jogging, running and even skipping fall under the realm of cardio. Notably, you don’t need a gym membership to commence a cardio routine, but if you have one, make the most of it on these exercise machines.

5. Swim to burn extra calories

One of the most popular forms of cardio exercises, swimming burns more calories than jogging or cycling — without the sweat (thank god for that) and also makes your body more athletic.“Swimming is a low impact sport, which helps build endurance and muscle strength without any injuries. On an average, a person weighing 75 to 80 kgs can burn between 500 to 800 calories in an hour with moderate paced swimming,” said Nisha Millet, Brand Advocate, Speedo India to GQ in a previous interaction. Plus, it is great way to relieve stress.


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