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Virat Kohli fitness secrets: The diet and workout secrets which helped him lose weight

1. Virat Kohli’s diet and fitness secrets can help you tone up!

To be an ace cricketer and captain of the Indian cricket team requires you to be at your fittest self all the time and there’s no better example than Virat Kohli. Known to be the best batsman internationally and a disciplined sportsperson on and off the grounds, Virat Kohli’s regime screams pure fitness goals all the time. However, did you know there was a time when Kohli wasn’t all so athletic?

Making a change from chole bhatures to a clean-vegetarian diet, Virat Kohli’s awe-inspiring weight loss transformation is one for keeps. Did you know Virat Kohli was once the chubby, desi guy who couldn’t live without butter chicken and desserts? And now, his Instagram profile is all about the cool workouts he does! Wonder how he got so fit? We decode some of his sworn fitness secrets.

2. What made Virat Kohli transform himself?

While Virat is now regarded as a successful, capable international cricketer, it wasn’t all like this before. In fact, it was only after his first World Cup that he started to take fitness seriously. According to Virat Kohli, it was the realization that he was severely out of shape which motivated him to make the big change since he knew that carrying around a paunch wasn’t going to help him make it big, internationally. Ever since, he hasn’t looked back one day, and worked hard immensely to get to a place where he inspires everyone with his jaw-dropping fit persona.

In an interview post his transformation, when he was in his 20s, Kohli once quipped that he swears by intense workouts so that he can be just as fit when he is in his 30s:

“I want to be able to play this kind of cricket even when I am 34-35. You know, that’s why I train so much because I am a guy who likes to play with intensity”

3. What does Virat Kohli eat in a day?

As per reports, Captain Kohli’s everyday diet is a healthy balance of leafy veggies and greens, a side of protein, antioxidant-rich drinks and coffee and humble lentils.

For breakfast, Kohli once shared that he likes having a side of eggs, black pepper and a veggie. Before he turned vegetarian, he also liked having healthy chicken and salmon to add nutrients into his everyday diet.

To add the extra kick of energy in his day, Virat also keeps nuts and seeds handy, and prefers eating gluten-free breads and desserts. To bulk up and build muscles, he also adds some form of protein for dinner. Quinoa, dosas, dals and spinach are some of the things he loves to gorge on! He also loves having nut butters, vegetable broths, smoothies, soya and protein shakes and prefers carrying his own food when he’s travelling. Such is his dedication!

4. Even a vegetarian diet can help you stay athletic

While it’s a common perception that the world’s best performing athletes swear by animal fats and proteins in their diets, Virat Kohli’s lifestyle is purely vegetarian one. Although it’s only been recently that the celeb sportstar switched to being a full vegetarian, he was previously following a diet which was 90% animal-meat free and dairy free as well. Hence, it’s never necessary to adapt to a certain diet, or depend on a non-vegetarian diet to harness protein in your diet. As long as you are fit, disciplined, eat quality ingredients, any diet can help you get to your goals!

5. Diet secrets he follows

Virat who has also admitted that it was quite difficult for him to turn healthy and ignore cravings in the initial days of his transformation, he also adds that the turnaround results have been worth all the sacrifices. As for the dietary secrets, the cricketer, who absolutely limits sugar from his diet and follows a super disciplined, home-food diet, having almost 3-4 cups of green tea in a day with a dash of lemon is his personal secret to dishing out the toxins and keeping his metabolism supercharged.

6. Details of his workout

When you think of Virat Kohli, it’s absolutely impossible to ignore all the impressive workouts he does. His Instagram feed is every fitness enthusiast’s dream. From deadlifts to heavy-dose cardio, the 32-year-old does it all.

The cricketer, who also owns a chain of gyms in the country actually follows a 5-6 day workout plan with a day reserved for rest. His workout includes a powerful combination of weights and cardio exercises which help him build lean and strong muscles, good body strength and stamina, and toning lower body muscles.


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