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Jhanvi Kapoor Diet and Fitness Secrets Revealed

hanvi Kapoor is a very popular Bollywood actress who made her debut in the industry with the film ‘Dhadak.’ Unfortunately, her mother Sridevi was no more during the release of Jhanvi’s first film but with her blessings and Jhanvi’s hard work Jhanvi won several hearts. Before stepping into the film industry Jhanvi has put in a lot of efforts to work out on her weight and acquire a perfect figure.

Now we will be revealing Jhanvi Kapoor weight loss secrets:

Jhanvi Kapoor Routine
Jhanvi has always been dedicated to her health and has never missed going to the gym even for a single day. Her fitness trainer Yasmin Karachiwala is equally responsible and gives hundred percent to make her perfect. She drinks around 10 glasses of water regularly to keep her body hydrated enough for weight loss. Also, she avoids consumption of sugar products and ensures that she never skips her workouts. Besides this, she walks regularly for around an hour.

Jhanvi Kapoor Diet Plan

Jhanvi consumes three meals a day, i.e. breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
Breakfast- Her breakfast is heavy and comprises of three egg whites, cereals, brown bread and a glass of double toned milk.
Lunch- Her lunch consists of mostly brown rice with a vegetable, chicken sandwich, and salad.
Dinner- Her dinner is the lightest out of all the meals of the day and includes soup, grilled fish and dal.

Jhanvi Kapoor Workout
As I have mentioned before, Jhanvi has a personal gym trainer and so her major focus has always been of cardio and weightlifting workouts. She has even created videos of her work out to help others as well with their daily work out routine. Besides going to the gym, she does other physical activities to lose weight and stay healthy like swimming, jogging, yoga, and jumping.

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