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Exercises and A Vegetarian Diet: How Shahid Kapoor Gets His Toned Physique

From flaunting his regular chocolate-boy looks to sporting a fierce royal avatar in his latest film Padmaavat, Shahid Kapoor has displayed his versatility in many ways. He is one of the few actors in India who has constantly been praised for his good looks as well as his acting prowess. He is a proud vegetarian and follows a strict six-day exercise routine. He has often spoken about the need to eat well and rest adequately in order to maintain one’s body. Let’s see how he has used these two aspects to his advantage while transforming into a muscular king in Padmaavat.

Diet Is Crucial To Your Workout Plan

Diet plays a huge role in giving the right shape to your body. The case is no different for Shahid Kapoor. He follows a strictly vegetarian diet. He is also particular about pre and post-workout snacks, which form an integral part of his diet. Here’s a sneak peek into what he includes in his diet:

  • Protein intake: As Shahid is a vegetarian, he substitutes the vital meat proteins with essential plant-based proteins and other supplements. He consumes only those proteins and supplements as prescribed by his dietician. He eats a lot of beans, pulses and spinach. Other staples in his diet include rice, dairy products, fresh fruits and leafy green vegetables. He has a lot of whey protein supplements to make up for the lack of animal protein. He also consumes various protein shakes before and after his workout exercises.
  • Meal timings and portion size: Shahid is very particular about the meal timings and never snacks out of turn. This helps him to maintain the required metabolism rate. Also, rather than having one large meal, Kapoor has five small meals throughout the day, as is prescribed by all nutritionists.
  • Favourite foods: His favourite snack is a pancake made of whey protein and stevia, along with some fresh and pure maple syrup. He sometimes gives into his junk food cravings by having a patty made of cheese, rajma and spicy soy beans. Further, to satiate his sweet tooth, he drinks a shake made of dark chocolate, casein protein and kiwi fruit.
  • Foods to avoid: Shahid makes it a point to avoid oily and fatty foods in any form. He also keeps his salt intake to a bare minimum. Also, his main source of sugar is natural sugar derived from the various fresh fruits he eats regularly.

Workout Plan of Shahid Kapoor

Diet and a proper workout routine go hand in hand. Shahid Kapoor undergoes rigorous fitness exercises to keep his body in such fabulous shape. In fact, for preparing for his role in Padmaavat, the actor underwent one of the most meticulous celebrity fitness schedules. And the result was for all of us to see!

Six-day exercise routine

Shahid Kapoor has a six-day workout plan. He does the same set of exercises on Monday, Wednesday and Friday and another set on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Sunday is the all-important off day when he allows his muscles to relax and repair.

 Workout routine for Monday, Wednesday, Friday

Set 1: Five sets of the following exercises, each repeated 8 times

  • Flat Bench Press
  • Chin Ups
  • Dead Lifts
  • Lateral Raise

Set 2: Five sets of the following exercises, each repeated 8 to 12 times

  • Incline Dumbbell Press
  • Bent-over Barbell Rows
  • Overhead Press

It is important to strengthen your upper body along with toning your lower body. Most people ignore this and try to tone up their lower body quickly. However, unless you have a strong upper body, your weight loss will not be uniform, and you may end up facing health issues. Keeping this in mind, Shahid Kapoor undergoes these strenuous upper body exercises to get a balance in his overall workout.

Set 3: Five sets of the following exercises, each repeated 8 to 12 times

  • Seated Row
  • Chest Fly
  • High Pull
  • Dumbbell Rear Deltoid Fly

It is important to work on certain body parts on certain days. Your body needs a routine to get used to as well.

Workout routine for Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday

Set 1: Four sets of the following exercises, each repeated 12 to 15 times

  • Leg Extensions
  • Squats
  • Leg Curls
  • Standing Calf Raises

These are crucial leg and lower body exercises that help tone up the muscles. But more importantly, they correct your posture and allow your back to become stronger. Without proper support from your back, you won’t be able to continue the workout plan for very long. Shahid Kapoor stresses on improving his posture and strengthening his back as much as he stresses on toning his muscles.

Set 2: Four sets of the following exercises, each repeated 12 times

  • Leg Press
  • Stiff Leg Deadlift
  • Step Up
  • Seated Calf Raises

If you are inspired by this workout routine, give it a try. However, begin slowly and only do a couple of these exercises initially. Work under the watchful eyes of a personal fitness trainer near you until you gain enough strength and the confidence needed to carry out the entire celebrity fitness routine on your own.

Rest is Key to Exercising

Shahid Kapoor keeps an entire day in the week off for his muscles to heal. Resting is an extremely crucial part of any diet and fitness schedule. You cannot expect to get a bodybuilder’s physique unless you allow your muscles to recover from the wear and tear caused by exercises. For this, you can also get body massages to help you extract the most out of your rest day. Similarly, your metabolism rate won’t work, no matter how hard you diet unless you sleep adequately at night. A minimum of six to eight hours of uninterrupted sleep is a complete must.

Create a Fitness Plan According To Your Body Type

Shahid Kapoor is a lean guy with a height of 5ft 8 ½ inches. Your body type may be very different from his. So, you first need to understand what your individual requirements are and then plan a fitness routine with the help of a certified dietitian and trained fitness planner. Shahid Kapoor’s workout schedule may work perfectly for you, or it may not deliver any results. If you are overweight, you first need to lose the excess weight before you look to build up your muscles like the actor. On the other hand, if you are too lean, you need to accumulate some muscles before you start toning them into shape. So, understand your own body type, address the issues and then proceed in a systematic manner.

Professional trainers and nutritionists go a long way to help you find the right path. You always have the option of undergoing the fitness transformation on your own, but taking some professional help never hurts. You can hire fitness trainers from Urban Company and they would gladly help you in your journey towards fitness. A dietician from Urban Company can help you understand your nutritional needs and then plan the perfect diet chart for you.

CREDIT: Urban Company

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