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Ajay Devgan : Diet and Workout Plan

Ajay Devgan, who is the son of Action director Veeru Devgan is in the industry for a very long time. He has been back into the limelight when his chiseled body and well-toned looks were the major highlights of his super hit movie Singham.

He is aged 53 years and his height is 5 feet 10 inches and the guy weighs 78 Kg. The secret behind his chiseled body is his strict workout routine and diet plan. Let’s have a look at the same.

His diet plan :

Breakfast – Water, fruits, oats, eggs, and nuts

Post Workout – Protein shake

Lunch – Salad, fruits, oatmeal, vegetables, healthy homemade foods

Snacks – Sweet Potato or egg white omelet

Dinner – Brown rice, salads, chapati, dal, any Indian food

His workout Plan :

Day One: Upper Body

3 rounds of:

  • Bent Over Rows x15 repetitions
  • Bench Press x15 repetitions
  • Military Press x15 repetitions

3 rounds of

  • Weighted Shrugs x20 repetitions

3 rounds of

  • Bicep Curls x25 repetitions
  • Triceps Extensions x25 repetitions

Cardio: 15-20 minutes walking

Day Two: Lower Body

3 rounds of:

  • Squats x15
  • Step-ups x15
  • Deadlifts x15

2 rounds of:

  • Hanging Leg Raises x15 repetitions
  • Lunges x15 repetitions
  • Squat Jumps x15 repetitions
  • Mountain Climbers x15 each side

Cardio: Bodyweight cardio workout

Day Three:

  • Pull-ups x50 repetitions
  • Pushups x100 repetitions

You are able to perform 30 pushups in a row.  Rest then do another set and keep going until you perform a total of 100 repetitions.

Cardio: 5-10 minutes Jump Roping

Day Four:

  • Repeat Day one’s workout

Cardio: 5-10 minutes Burpees or other Bodyweight cardio workout

Day Five:

  • Repeat Day two’s workout

Cardio: 3-4 rounds of Sprinting

Day Six: 

  • Repeat Day three’s workout

Cardio: Kettlebell cardio or Bodyweight cardio workout

Day Seven: Rest

His workout tips :

  1. His focus is on every part of the body to get that muscular lean look rather than only on getting six pack abs.
  2. His workout routine includes a combination of weights and circuit super sets and push-ups and pull-ups too.
  3. He is also known to follow a strict low carb high protein diet to get that macho look which everyone is a huge fan of.
  4. Overall, he likes to wake up early and lead a disciplined life.
  5. Also, he stresses on consuming water more and more especially during working out.

CREDIT: Find Health Tips

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