Reinvigorated sports ecosystem: Fit India

It is a universally-known fact that health has remained the basis of success and prosperity in every society. In fact, the best factor to adequately determine the quality of life in any country is the health of its working population. With the widespread belief of the nation in the principle of Vyaayaamat Labhate Swasthyam Dirghaayushyam […]

How Two Seasoned Entrepreneurs Are Changing The Fitness Industry In India

Apart from being among India’s e-commerce gurus, Mukesh Bansal and Ankit Nagori have one more thing in common – their love of fitness. So after witnessing the immense potential in the country’s fitness sector, Bansal and Nagori created Cure.Fit, a technology-powered healthcare and wellness platform. Since late 2006, Indian startups have taken a deep dive into healthcare. […]