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Hamdan Pathan: The fitness influencer and entrepreneur working to save the fitness industry during the pandemic

This young fitness expert has been helping hundreds of Indian trainers by supplying them with groceries during such trying times.

We all are aware of how the world together is facing the current crucial times caused by what is called as a global health pandemic. This upheaval due to COVID-19 is something no one had predicted about a few months ago. It has disturbed so many people’s lives in ways more than one where people have lost their jobs and are left with no other sources of income as well. Many people have, on one side, even shown their contribution to their respective industries by lending a helping hand to people in need. However, many failed to put critical attention on the fitness industry. To make a positive difference in the lives of all fitness trainers, we came across a talented and astute fitness expert and entrepreneur named Hamdan Pathan from Mumbai, who has made it his mission to save the fitness industry and make his small but significant efforts in giving hope to all who are a part of the fitness world.

Many federations and individual groups began a silent rally in Delhi, Punjab, and various other cities, which had also become a topic of discussion over the web. They held #savefitnessindustry banners and protested with all their might to show their displeasure to the government for not taking any necessary actions for the fitness industry.

Pathan at only 25 years of age, being the Board of Director of JEFF SEID CLASSIC international fitness show took the initiative in his hands to help the gym trainers as he strongly believes that these people are the backbone of the Indian fitness industry and they need people’s support for them to continue in the industry.

Maximizing the potentials of his social media accounts and reach, Pathan encouraged many people to come forward for this humble initiative and managed to provide two to three months of grocery to 200 + trainers across Maharashtra, Punjab, Delhi, and Bangalore. Not just that, Pathan through his Instagram account,(@i_hamdanpathan) requested people to check with gym owners if their trainers needed any support so that he can help them in their respective city and state.

According to a recent study, the lockdown has led to an increasing number of suicide cases as well in India. To come to the rescue of the fitness industry, Pathan is leaving no stone unturned so that he can in some way, impact their lives positively. Every sector has had leaders who have come to the rescue of their industry people; for example, Mr Ratan Tata in the corporate world, Mr Salman Khan and Sonu Sood in Bollywood. However, nobody heard of any leader coming forward to help the fitness industry. Hence, Hamdan Pathan took the first step forward and since then has been helping people in the industry to the best of his capabilities.

Hamdan Pathan is a sponsored international athlete who has made a special name for himself in the industry by working with elite brands and being a recipient of awards and recognition as well. He is also a fitness entrepreneur who owns India’s first fitness modelling agency. Pathan says that he would be adding NATURAL bodybuilder category from his next show for encouraging more people to focus on their fitness.

Also, Hamdan Pathan is optimistic that the fitness industry would get revived and also flourish after the Indian markets open up completely as he thinks people would then focus more on health and immunity.

CREDIT: Hindustan Times

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