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Energize Your Morning with Alicia Keys’ Daily Routine

Alicia Keys, the founder of Keys Soulcare, enthusiastically promotes the power of morning meditation to kickstart your day positively. When Grammy-winning singer-songwriter Alicia Keys launched her beauty line, Keys Soulcare, it featured the expected feel-good beauty products such as creams, cleansers, mists, and masks, as well as yoga classes. These products incorporate Ayurvedic ingredients and herbal extracts.

alicia joined yoda live classesFor example, the brand has infused its Golden Cleanser with turmeric, chamomile, and Manuka honey.

But for Keys, “Soulcare” encompasses much more than just skincare. She believes that beauty is deeply connected to frequency, vibrations, energy, and how you feel. On the Soulcare website, she shares ideas for rituals that nourish not only the body but also the mind and spirit. Lighting candles and applying balms, which she calls “meditation for the skin,” are just one aspect of her holistic approach. The website provides self-help advice, like “Seven Ways to Love Your Future Self, Right Now,” and amplifies the voices of contemporary influencers and healers, including Sahara Rose, a frequent contributor to Yoga Journal, and the recent cover star Lalah Delia, who share their wisdom alongside

Alicia Keys also opens up about her personal rituals. She’s a strong advocate of Kundalini meditation and encourages early rising to meditate with the sunrise, ensuring that the outside world and inner thoughts have minimal interference.

Here are some of her tips for a peaceful and grounding meditation practice:

  1. Allocate time at the beginning of the day to meditate, as starting with a “neutral” state of mind is ideal.
  2. Dedicate your full attention to the practice by setting a timer and intending to be fully present with yourself for a few precious, focused minutes.
  3. Curate meditative playlists that help create a more peaceful and optimistic state of mind.
  4. Find self-encouraging mantras, like the ones she prints on the containers of her beauty products, and visualize yourself moving through the day with purpose and clarity.

Experience the power of transformation and start your day with renewed energy through Alicia Keys’ inspiring daily routine, including yoga classes.

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