Is Astrology Real? Here’s What Science Says

About a third of Americans believe astrology is “very” or “sort of scientific.” But does being a Pisces, Virgo rising really matter in the eyes of science? Astrology lacks a mechanism by which it could work—how is the position of the stars at your birth supposed to affect your personality and fate? The earth’s motion […]

Check If Your Favourite Number Says Your Exact Personality Or Not!

Every person has a personal choice for certain types of music, colours, foods, or even numbers. Some people indeed believe their favorite number to be their good luck charm. Have you ever wondered if your favourite number reveals your personality? Like every person, every number is distinct. Each of us is assigned a number that […]

10 Interesting Facts for Discovering the Chinese Zodiac

The Chinese zodiac is most famous for naming the years (the year of the Dragon etc.). As part of Chinese astrology and folklore, it has influenced people’s lives since ancient times. Here are 10 facts about the Chinese zodiac that might interest you. 1. The Chinese Zodiac has 12 Signs – Rat first. There are […]