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Yuvraj Singh Workout Routine & Diet Plan

Yuvraj Singh’s name comes under the most talented and renowned cricketers of India. Being a former cricketer’s son, Yuvraj’s journey as a cricketer has never been that easy. In fact, he has worked harder than most cricketers with complete dedication. Along with practicing drills with the team for about four hours, he had his workout routine as the usual was not all for Yuvraj. His habit of following a strict fitness routine has always proven to be beneficial in his life. Also, his years of hard work, perseverance and discipline helped him recover faster when he was diagnosed with cancer. Developing a healthy lifestyle for yourself always pays off.

Yuvraj Singh’s Workout Routine

Along with his routine team drills, Yuvraj has shared some of the key exercises that help him stay fit and strong and perform better in his matches.

Warm Up: Running, Squats And Lunges

A lot of stamina and leg strength is required in the field during batting and fielding. He mostly runs outside in fresh air and sometimes on a treadmill. Running is a great warm-up exercise that builds stamina and leg muscles. After each set of running, Yuvraj does his squats and lunges as a light exercise as he believes there should be minimum breaks and maximum output.

Mobility And Flexibility Exercises

As a core cricketer, you cannot afford to be tired or have cramps. Keeping this in mind, targeting mobility and flexibility is also a key part of Yuvraj’s warm up. He starts with basic stretching to open up body muscles. The main exercise that he performs to increase flexibility in his body is – foam rolling. There are two types of equipment required for this exercise – a foam roller and a lacrosse ball. You have to lie down on the foam roller and move the lacrosse ball from side to side.

Pull Ups, Push Ups, And Bench Pulls

These are core back, and shoulder exercises and anyone can do it right at home. 5 sets of 10-20 sets is a good start. Posture should be maintained, and back should be kept straight during push-ups.

Bench Press, Dumbbell Rows, and Hip Lift

Bench press and dumbbell rows are core upper body exercises, and hip lifts a core lower body, mainly lower back exercise. It improves bone density and structure and keeps back strong and prevents it from getting tired easily.

Team Drills And Skill Practice

There are different exercises for different format players. Yuvraj practice consists of two hours of batting, one hour of bowling and half an hour of fielding.

Yuvraj Singh’s Diet Plan

Yuvraj is a Punjabi by heart and loves to eat home cooked North Indian Food. Butter Chicken, Kadhi Chawal, and Paneer are his favourite dishes. Eating fresh food prepared at home is always healthy, but fats and carbs should be taken care of. Since he has had a setback medically, Yuvraj is even more conscious about his diet now. He has three meals a time, time for each being fixed and he sticks to a strict balanced diet

Here’s what different kinds of food he has for breakfast, lunch, and dinner:

Breakfast – Milk, cereal, eggs, and fresh fruits along with fruit juice or green tea.

Lunch – Salad, curd, three vegetable including pulses, paneer and seasonal vegetable along with rice and chapatti.

Dinner – Salad, two to three non-heavy vegetables along with rice and chapatti.

More health tips –

  • The body needs to stay hydrated, so drink lots of water. 8-10 glasses of water a day is a must. A lot of health problems can be eliminated by providing your body with sufficient water so it can function the way it should.
  • Eat more raw foods like fresh fruits, vegetables, and salad as a part of your diet. They are the richest source of nutrients. Avoid processed and canned food items.
  • Any form of exercise every day is a must and warm up should never be skipped.

CREDIT: Workout Info Guru

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