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Want a body like Urfi Javed? Know everything about her fitness routine

Urfi Javed has a diverse following on social media, from being well-known for her distinctive sense of style to be one of the most “papped” performers in the business. She is well-known for wearing electrical cables and covering foil sheets in her signature style as The Big Boss.

She is also well known for having a small frame. Weight watchers are really interested in her workout routine, even though her fashion sense dominates social media.

Urfi does not enjoy visiting the gym every day, in contrast to the customs that celebrities from the tinsel town frequently practice. Although she doesn’t follow a set training schedule, she prefers to exercise outside whenever she can.

She engages in rigorous aerobic exercises like jogging and running. She routinely does yoga. She is also seen performing Pilates and HIIT exercises.

What does she eat in a day?

According to sources, Urfi starts her morning with 2-4 glasses of hot water before eating eggs and fruits.
She occasionally eats oatmeal and cereal as well.

Urfi enjoys shakes as well. She adds a lot of natural ingredients and micronutrients to her shakes to make them uniquely her own.
The small actor has a substantial meal! The lunch plate of Urfi is more ornate, seasonal, vibrant, and diverse.

For lunch, she typically eats grilled vegetables, salmon, lentils, and green salad. With a slight detour, Urfi’s dinner resembles her lunch almost exactly. She chooses only roti and sabzi for dinner instead of rice.
Her dinner plate frequently includes salad, curd, and a large amount of sabzi. She occasionally eats biryani at lunch as well. Her preferred cuisine is Mughlai.

Fitness tips from Urfi

Maintain a natural and healthful diet on your plate. Don’t mix and match a lot of different items under the false belief that the more unusual meals you consume, the better for your health they will be.

Exercise is important, but you should only do it when it suits you. It’s not necessary to use a gym to exercise.

Maintain a straightforward, simple-to-follow protocol. Don’t put yourself under pressure to succeed. Keep the path simple. Lighter food implies your stomach won’t have to work as hard to process it. Therefore, always eat light, healthful meals.

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