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Vaastu & Astrology Tips for Health, Wealth & Prosperity

Vaastu Shastra’, commonly known as ‘Science of Architecture’ is a sort of ancestral Hindu architecture. It is the part of the third stream of Astrology which is called ‘Sanghita’ or ‘Collection’.

‘Vaastu’ is all about space, & architecture and ‘Astrology’ works with time, a combination of the both makes a significant influence on one’s life. In India, quite a number of people believed Vaastu Shastra has a very strong influence on people’s behavior and success in various areas of life. Designing one’s homes as per Vaastu is recognized as one of the most potent ways of channelizing positive energy in the house. As per astrology, twelve zodiac signs have significant importance related to directions.

Below mentioned chart is an illustration of how Vaastu and Astrology planets are associated.

Ruling PlanetDirection
EastLiving Room, Bathroom (no toilet)
North-WestGuest room, Bathroom, Grain Storage
NorthLiving (sitting) room
SouthKitchen, Storeroom
South-WestMaster bedroom, heavy storage
North- EastWorship room, Living room
WestChildren’s Bedroom, Store room, Study

Based on sun sign, placement of room’s directions in one’s home may differ. In general, here are few of the rules as per Vaastu that would aid in harnessing positive energy. Ideally, these points need to be checked while constructing but you can always do renovate accordingly.

Vaastu Tips for Bedroom:

  • A bedroom in south-east direction is not permitted in any situation.
  • As per Vaastu Shastra, mirrors placement is not allowed in bedrooms, as this drives constant misunderstandings & quarrels.
  • Decorate walls with beautiful pictures that bring a smile on your face. As they are going to be the first thing which you will see when waking up.
  • Avoid placement of beds in the centre of the room.

Vaastu Tips for Drawing room :

  • Do not use dark colors on the walls of Drawing room.
  • To enhance positive energy, put paintings showing the beauty of nature and always avoid pictures of war & wild animals.
  • Never put artificial flowers in the drawing room or house as they considered inauspicious in Vaastu.
  • Chandelier should be put in the south or west direction of the room. Always avoid placement in the centre (Brahmsthan) of the room.

Vaastu Tips for Dining room

  • Dining table should always be rectangle or square in shape.
  • Dining table should not be stick to the wall of the room.
  • Dining room and toilet must not be attached.
  • Pooja room or toilet door must not face dining area.
  • Kitchen and dining area must be adjacent to each other.

Vaastu Tips for children room

  • Entrance of children room must not face the bed.
  • Do not place any mirror in front of the bed.
  • Children room must be clutter free, as it boosts concentration.
  • Avoid sharp lights in the room.
  • The green color is considered best for kids’ room, as this color is related to freshness and peace.

Vaastu Tips for kitchen

  • Water sink must be kept at a maximum distance from the cooking gas.
  • Dining table should not be placed in the centre of the kitchen.
  • There must be no adjacent toilets and bathrooms to the kitchen.
  • The kitchen should not face the door of the toilet.

CREDIT: Wave City

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