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The government is making a diet chart for the people of the country, now India will be fit!

New Delhi: On the occasion of World Health Day, you should take a pledge that you will take care of your body first and how you can do this, for this let us give you some important tips. The very first advice is that you must do a check-up of your body once a year. Just like when you buy a vehicle, you are told by the company that after how many kilometers you have to get the car serviced and you do this too. But do you get your body servicing in the same way, taking care of it from time to time? You don’t do that. So now you have to fix one day in a year, when you get your body health check-up done and keep it fit.

This is the formula to stay fit 

How healthy you are depends on two things. The first is how fit your body is and the second is your brain. The brain is like your remote control. But if this remote control stops working properly and if there is any problem in it, then whatever button you press on it, it will give wrong command to your body. Therefore, just like you take care of the remote control of TV, AC and other things in your house, in the same way you have to take care of the remote control of your body i.e. brain and you can do this by staying stress free. For this, you can take the help of yoga and meditation and if you exercise for 25 minutes every day, then your brain remains completely fit.

Make dinner plate healthy

The third advice is to make your plate nutritious. Imagine what you do if your car runs on petrol. You put petrol in it. Similarly, if the car runs on diesel, then diesel is put in it. But what if you put adulterated oil in your car? Then your car will break. Similarly, your body is also a vehicle and this vehicle gets fuel from nutritious food. If you give adulterated food to your body then it will not be healthy. According to a WHO report, eating oats, brown rice, barley or sprouts three times a week reduces the risk of heart disease by 22 percent. So you have to take care of your plate.

most nutritious indian thali

Recently, American doctors considered the food plate of Indians to be the most nutritious. This plate contains dal, chapati, rice, vegetables, curd, chutney, buttermilk or raita. Accordingly, our plate has a good combination of Carbohydrates and Protein, which also gives you energy and also helps in keeping weight under control. Apart from this, the pulses you eat contain amino acids and proteins, which keep the muscles strong. By the way, the importance of eating nutritious food has been told in Indian traditions and Hindu religion too.

The Bhagavad Gita describes three human behaviours. These are – Sattvik, Rajasic and Tamasic

The sense of devotion and discipline is awakened in the sattvik conduct.

In Rajasic behavior, the effect of longing and over-enthusiasm on the human mind increases.

Whereas evils like frustration, jealousy from vengeful conduct subdue a person.

That is why in the Gita it has been asked to refrain from eating bitter, sour, fried and fried, because they encourage tamasic thoughts.

Similarly, in Vedic fasting, it has been advised to take a sattvik diet like water, fruits, milk, curd and it is said that they help in the elimination of toxic substances from the body. This process is called detoxification in the Vedas, which is called Detoxification in English.

However, in today’s era, there is also a challenge that now people have got used to eating not only nutritious food but tasty, more salt and more sugar food and this habit has been imposed by the big companies of the world.

Today the smallest pizza, which is also called mini pizza, is available in just Rs 39. But it contains 10 grams of fat.

Whereas, on an average, a kilogram of apples comes for Rs 100 to 150 and they are rich in vitamins. It is meant to say that in today’s era it is very cheap to spoil health and to be healthy and take nutritious diet, is a bit expensive.

The purity was in the first plate!

You must have often heard the elders say that the purity of food was there in our times and this is also true. Earlier people lived 80 to 100 years easily. But now the uncertainty is so much that a person cannot say with full guarantee that he will be able to live a long life with the diet he is taking throughout the day and his lifestyle. To stay healthy, you can also adopt the 20-20 formula in life. You can take out an hour for your body in a day, divide it into three parts of 20-20 minutes. You exercise for 20 minutes, meditate for 20 minutes and try to learn something new in the remaining 20 minutes. Because by doing something new, the mind remains happy.

Government is preparing diet chart

Even though many people in India do not worry about their health in the hustle and bustle of life. But now the Government of India is going to help you in this work. The Government of India is preparing a diet chart for people of every age group, so that people can follow it and keep themselves healthy. This diet chart is divided into three different age groups. Children from 6 months to 2 years have been kept in the first group. The second group will include people from 2 years to 60 years and the third group will include people above 60 years of age. For this, new guidelines have been prepared by the National Institute of Nutrition and it is being studied in the lab of this institution located in Hyderabad.


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