Breakdancing Takes Center Stage: Olympic Debut in 2024 Paris Games

breakdancing in 2024 olympics

Breakdancing at 2024 Olympics: Breakdancing officially gained Olympic recognition on Monday, marking an exhilarating addition to the Olympic program. This development underscores the International Olympic Committee’s dedication to embracing urban events that connect with a younger and more diverse audience. The 2024 Paris Games have seamlessly integrated street dance battles into the medal events roster, […]

How to overcome fitness plateaus

As you work towards your fitness goals, you may find yourself hitting a plateau where progress seems to slow or come to a complete stop. This can be frustrating, but it’s important to remember that it’s a natural part of the fitness journey. Plateaus occur when your body adapts to your current workout routine, making […]

Meditation, 7 hrs of sleep, a clean diet behind Suresh Raina’s success

MIND AND SOUL“Focusing on breathing and meditation helps me with clarity in my thoughts, and that keeps me relaxed during stressful situations. All I need is a quiet corner to help me organise my thoughts. For a healthy soul, you need to flush out negative thoughts every now and then. You should be able to […]