Top 3 Fittest Bollywood Actors And Their Fitness Routine!

Bollywood Actors

Bollywood actors are recognized for both their acting prowess and their toned bodies. Our B-town superstars are the only ones that take exercise seriously. The film hero’s fit physique has become a crucial part of his identity throughout time. Actors must work really hard in the gym to maintain their chiseled bodies and defined abs. […]

Happy Birthday John Abraham: What is his fitness routine!

John Abraham who celebrates his 50th birthday today is perhaps one of the most toned Indian superstars of the last 20 years that comes to mind. John Abraham is an animal advocate and a strict vegetarian despite having a toned body. And in this piece, renowned physiotherapist Dr. Prashant Mistry, who has previously worked with […]

John Abraham Workout and Diet Plan

For a super muscular body and a ripped beach body, the John Abraham workout and diet plan has always been the talk of the tinsel town. Want to know John Abraham’s fitness secrets? Let’s have a look! John Abraham has always been known for his amazing physique in the world of modeling, prior to becoming a […]