83-Year-Old Woman In Chennai Is Workout, Fitness Icon On Social Media

At her sixth-floor home in an apartment complex at 4 pm, Kiran Bai is ready to hit the floor mat for a round of exercises. Chennai:  Chennai’s 83-year-old Kiran Bai has become an icon for physical fitness. She religiously lifts weights and works out at her home, defying her age. Her Instagram videos are shared […]

Let’s play pickleball: Why this game is growing in popularity in Chennai

Pick up a paddle and head to a nearby court… to play pickleball. Combining the elements of three racquet sports, this game is finding many takers in the city. What is pickleball? It’s a question that K Mohit Kumar gets often. It’s a question he loves answering. Even as he skilfully chops the ball on […]