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Sanya Malhotra’s dumbbell workout is all the fitness inspo we need

Sanya Malhotra is back in town and back at her fitness routine. For Friday, this is what she performed at the gym. Take a look.

Sanya Malhotra is a fitness enthusiast. The actor, when not working for the big screen, is usually spotted in the quaint corners of her gym working out in animal mode. The actor swears by high intensity workouts, yoga and kickboxing and it is a marvel to watch the snippets that make their way to her Instagram profile from her gym. Sanya loves her time in the gym – the actor hardly misses a day from her routine. Sanya’s fitness trainer Tridev Pandey keeps sharing snippets of Sanya’s fitness diaries almost on a daily basis on his Instagram profile. From acing exercises with callisthenic ropes to being in beast mode on the leg day at the gym, Sanya’s fitness routine is goals for us.

Sanya Malhotra was out of town for town recently. However, after a long time, she is back to the gym now. Tridev shared a video of the actor sitting on the floor of the gym and checking her phone. Needless to say, her fitness trainer is relieved to see her back in the town. Without wasting any more of the time, Sanya took to her daily fitness routine with fresh enthusiasm. Tridev shared a video of Sanya’s Friday fitness routine on his Instagram stories where the actor can be seen working out with dumbbells and slaying fitness goals like a pro. In the video, Sanya can be seen holding a set of dumbbells in her hands and stretching them above her head. Then, swiftly she can be seen bringing her hands down near to her feet and bending her knees. The actor can be seen performing the routine repeatedly. “Sanya Malhotra. Friday survivor,” wrote Tridev in the Instagram story.

Dumbbell workout helps in activating a range of muscle groups in the body. It also helps in improving muscle force and flexibility. Dumbbell workout also helps in providing coordination and stability for the muscles and the joints of the body.

CREDIT: Hindustan Times

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