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Saif Ali Khan’s diet plan and workout routine

Saif Ali Khan, who stepped into the film industry in 1992, has emerged as a well-known actor and a popular Bollywood celebrity. With blockbusters such as Hum TumOmkara, Kal Ho Na HoDil Chahta Hai and Love Aaj Kal, he got immense appreciation for his acting skills.

From choosing the most unconventional roles to his fine acting abilities, Saif Ali Khan makes sure that he’s not out of the limelight. At 48, he is inarguably one of the fittest actors in Bollywood.

Here are a few important tips you can use from Saif Ali Khan’s diet plan and workout routine.

Losing the excess kilos is always a daunting task. However, for celebrities, it’s generally the requirement for a specific onscreen character. It can prove to be difficult with long hours at the gym, giving up on favorite foods and staying fit at the same time.

Saif Ali Khan’s diet plan and workout routine include:

  • He consistently keeps warm before starting his workout routine
  • After warming up, he likes to do stretching to loosen his muscles
  • After stretching, he does 10 minutes of exercise
  • Some weight training and cardio exercise to tone the muscles
  • He also practices kickboxing to tone the body
  • Some punching bag sessions to focus on intense muscle contraction
  • At last, he does a few shadow training to keep his arms and abs in check
  • Saif Ali Khan also practices yoga to be stress-free
  • Apart from this, he consistently does some stretching before going to bed for improving the flexibility of his body

This is all about Saif Ali Khan’s diet plan and workout routine.

Here’s all what you can learn from Saif Ali Khan’s diet plan and workout routine:

  1. No Carbs, No Sugar

He decided to decrease the intake of sugar and carbs in his diet plan. There was a time when Saif completely removed them from his diet for some time.

How it helps?

Since carbs are the primary source of energy, you’ll have to replace them with vitamins and proteins. Additionally, they also give you maximum calories and fat, so replacing them with protein helps you get fitter and leaner.

  • Oatmeal and few fruits

Saif Ali Khan’s diet plan and workout routine include a whole plate of oatmeal with skimmed milk and few fruits in breakfast.

How it helps?

Oatmeal is a rich source of fiber and protein. It helps in digestion and is essential once you age. Skimmed milk means no added sugar. Apart from boosting your immunity, fruits help to strengthen the metabolism and stimulate the digestive system, which promotes  weight loss.

  • Food portion control

Saif Ali Khan controls his portions for most of his meals which helps in managing the amount of calorie intake. For lunch, he eats some seasonal salad and a light beef noodle for dinner.

How it helps?

Saif Ali Khan’s diet plan and workout routine show that controlling what and how much you eat is important in the process of losing weight. You don’t need to eat too little but eat healthy and in small portions at regular intervals. Controlling your food cravings is one of the healthiest ways for slimming down and portion control works wonders in keeping you fit and healthy.

CREDIT: Doctors Clinic Blog

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