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Ranbir Kapoor shares his fitness journey

Actor Ranbir Kapoor is one of the most talented and the fittest Bollywood stars in India. However, not much is known about him, since the actor chooses to steer clear of social media, which makes it almost impossible for us to learn more about him. But not anymore! In a candid interaction with his fitness coach and trainer Shivoham a.k.a. Dheepesh Bhatt (who you may also know as Ramdayal from ‘Kal Ho Na Ho’, soon-to-be groom Ranbir Kapoor spills the beans about his fitness routines and discusses everything – from his workout to diet – that helps him stay fit and lean!

1. Ranbir Kapoor’s workout routine; exercises he does:

Regular exercise and different workout routines undoubtedly play an important role in keeping up the fitness game. The same goes for Ranbir.

The Brahmastra actor revealed that he has undergone a lot of lifestyle changes in terms of fitness. Talking to his trainer Shivoham, he reveals that he indulges in functional training, weight training, does a lot of framework and German volume. “So, it’s been a mixture of all kinds of workouts,” he says.

2. Experimenting with different diets:

Apart from intense workout sessions, following the right kind of diet is integral. What you eat determines not just your physical health but also takes care of your mental wellbeing.

While conversing with Shivoham, he says that it’s all about “understanding diet better”. He says, “As I am growing older, losing fat gets a bit tougher.” Adding to it, Ranbir unveils all about the kind of diet he has experimented with so far. From high carb to low carb, no carb with keto, Ranbir lists it all down and says that it all helped him understand his body better.

3. “Surprise element”:

During the candid conversation, Ranbir reveals that it’s the “surprise element” that keeps him going and helps him enjoy his sessions with his trainer Shivoham. He says, “… the workouts are never boring otherwise the gym is such a boring place to be at and just coming to the gym and looking at you improvising different kinds of workout, different kinds of combinations, I think that’s really awesome.”

4. Discipline is key

One thing Ranbir’s fitness coach Shivoham applauds him for is his punctuality and his knack for discipline.

“I keep telling everyone, I think one thing which I absolutely admire about you is that no matter what the day is, whether you’re training, I mean your work or everything, you’re always on time,” he tells Ranbir.

He further adds by saying that if discipline is there in one aspect of your life, it will be everywhere.

Referring to the same, Ranbir talks about how he tries and imbibe discipline in his free time or in something that is very valuable to him. He says, “I respect a lot of people who respect time and I expect the other person also to expect that from me. I feel nice when people compliment me about my punctuality. It’s something I workout on.”

5. On his fitness transformation for his roles:

Actor Ranbir Kapoor who will soon appear in Ayan Mukerji’s Brahmastra is already working on his look for his upcoming project with Director Luv Ranjan.

The actor reveals that since the movie, which is a romantic comedy, demands a lean, slim and toned appearance without much muscles, his workout regime has been planned accordingly.

However, the actor is also looking forward to shooting for another film project, for which he will again have to put on a lot of muscle. Switching from one workout plan to a completely different workout regime, he says will be very challenging for him after Sanju.


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