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Priyanka Chopra’s Workout Routine And Diet Plan

 If you are curious about Priyanka Chopra weight loss, then we also have Priyanka Chopra diet routine for you.

Priyanka Chopra Fitness And Workout Routine

Priyanka Chopra was born on 18 July 1982. She is 39 years old. Priyanka Chopra’s height is 5 feet 6 inches. In meters, her height is 1.65 meters. She knows how to work out like a pro. However, she believes that,

You don’t have to kill yourself in the gym…the idea is to keep fit and healthy, and not shrink myself by two or three sizes.

She might not fit the description of a traditional gymaholic, but she has a great fitness mantra that combines cardio and weight training with Yoga.

  • She works out for an hour four days a week. By maintaining her routine strictly, she ensures that she never gains any excess weight.
  • Priyanka begins her stint at the gym by running on the treadmill for 15 minutes without halting.
  • She then moves on to push-ups and reverse-lunges that help in toning her body perfectly.
  • Priyanka does not love weight training, but she puts her fitness ahead of her personal preferences. She engages in weight training when she is in the gym. She performs 20-25 biceps curls.
  • She performs 20-25 bench jumps followed by 20-25 reverse crunches. Priyanka then planks for a minute.
  • She loves resistance training.

Apart from the gym, Priyanka loves to go running and spinning. They are super helpful in keeping her fit.

Everybody knows that PC loves Yoga and asanas. They are essential components of her workout routine and fitness regime. Yoga helps her deal with stress and relaxes her. Some of her favourite yoga sessions are Warrior pose, Tree Pose, Half Lord of the Fishes Pose and Pranayama.

Priyanka is also a strong believer in the power of meditation. Whenever she gets some free time in her hectic schedule, she likes to meditate for a while.

According to Priyanka, you should not skip on your workout as that might nullify the effects of your previous efforts.

Priyanka Chopra Diet

Priyanka Chopra weight loss before her recent movies caused a lot of stir. Apart from her strict workout routine, she maintains a diet that helps her stay in shape.

As mentioned before, Priyanka likes to drink a lot of water throughout the water as it hydrates the body. She never compromises her fluid intake.

You should not kill your cravings, neither does Priyanka. She feasts on the food items that she loves on her cheat days. These include tandoori food, chocolates and cakes. She says,

You don’t have to starve yourself…I love having my pizzas and burgers and buffalo wings, on the side, for sure.

You should try to have more home-cooked food as they are healthier.

She advises everyone to stay away from consuming fried and oily food products as they can be disastrous for the health. She is a strong advocate for healthy and nutrient-rich food. Green vegetables and fruits are a staple part of her diet because they provide the body with plenty of vitamins and minerals.

Priyanka likes to have coconut water along with a few nuts as a snack after every two hours as it keeps her active.

Priyanka Chopra Diet Plan

For breakfast, she has two eggs or a bowl of oatmeal along with a glass of skimmed milk. Both the options are equally healthy.

For lunch, she has 2 chapattis along with dal, salads and vegetables.

If Priyanka wants an evening snack, she goes for a Turkey sandwich or a sprout salad.

Her dinner consists of soup and grilled chicken/ fish.


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