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MS Dhoni’s Diet & Workout Plan

MS Dhoni, popularly known as captain cool is one of the most sorted players of Indian cricket team. He is known for his willpower, calm and composed behavior, and most importantly his dedication. Breaking many records on home grounds and at international.

MS Dhoni Fitness
Here’s how he keeps himself fit and healthy –

1. Says No To Excess Fat
Dhoni believes in burning all excess fat from his body. He maintains the bare minimum amount needed by the body to perform various functions by diligently following his diet and his diet is planned accordingly.
2. Sports For Overall Fitness 
Apart from being an excellent cricketer, MS Dhoni spends time playing badminton and football as well. He believes that playing football and badminton helps him improve his concentration levels, footwork, and eyesight.
In an interview on an online portal, his personal trainer also revealed that many times Dhoni alternates the gym session to a game of football or badminton. Badminton helps build your reflex action and eye work, both of which are crucial for a wicketkeeper. The footwork and stamina that is build up in football are greatly helpful when it comes to running between the wickets.

3. Protein Drinks 
Protein Shakes have become an important part of the health and fitness world. Dhoni also drinks an ample amount of protein drinks during his work out and practice sessions.
If you also want to amp up your fitness journey, then include protein drinks in your workout routine. Remember that you have to slowly develop a taste for them. Experts say that for best results one should opt for a protein shake with some carbs. 
4. Fresh Juices 
He avoids sodas and soft drinks and instead opts for fresh juices. The best way to absorb all the nutrients from fruits and veggies is to have a glass of fresh juice. 
You can also include fresh juices in your daily diet for the doze of health. Avoid packaged juices as they are full of sugar. Invest in a good quality juicer and reap fruitful and healthy benefits in the form of delicious juices.
5. Loves Home Cooked Indian Food 
MS Dhoni is a big fan of home cooked Indian food and his most favourite is dal chawal.
6. Milk And Milk Products Are His Favorite 
Unlike most kids who run away from milk, MS Dhoni was a milk lover since early childhood. He is still fond of milk and milk products and they form a pivotal part of his daily diet. When he started his international career, there was a rumour that Dhoni used to drink 4 litres of milk each day. He clarified it and said that he drinks1liter milk per day.
Add milk to your daily diet to ensure you get enough calcium which is imperative for strong bones and joints. Milk and milk products are also rich in vitamin D3, protein, and other essential nutrients. Milk provides all the required nutrients for recovery. 

MS Dhoni’s Diet
Even at the age of 36, he’s super fit and can give many newcomers a run for their money. It is all because of his dedicated workout and a simple diet plan that suits his body. A balanced diet with protein, fats, and carbohydrates is best suited. MS Dhoni believes in simple and clean eating. Avoiding junk and eating home cooked healthy food helps him stay fit and active. He has a soft corner for butter chicken, but his everyday diet is light and healthy.

  • Breakfast – Breakfast is usually cornflakes or porridge with fruits and nuts, a glass of milk, whole wheat bread, or parantha. 
  • Lunch  – For lunch, he eats chapattis with daal or chicken (for added protein) and a bowl of mix vegetable salad for added nutrients and fibre. On some days he skips chapatti and eats rice with veggies instead and a bowl of curd.  
  • Dinner – Dinner is usually like lunch with chapattis, vegetables, and a bowl of fruit. 
  • Snacks – Pre and post workout meals are usually a big glass of fresh fruit juice or protein shake. For evening or mid-morning snack, he would eat a simple sandwich with no cheese or a fruit. 

As mentioned above protein shakes and milk is two integral parts of Dhoni’s everyday diet. Milk provides essential nutrients like phosphorus, magnesium, Vitamin B12, A, and riboflavin. Milk with cereal for breakfast, porridge, or fruit smoothies with yoghurt are the best ways to add milk and milk products to your daily diet. Protein is needed by the body for muscle building and repair, and for athletes, the daily requirement is slightly larger. To meet the daily requirement of protein, adding protein shakes to your diet is a great way. They are a fast, easy, and convenient option. If you also want to grow lean muscle, speed up repair after intensive workouts, then protein shakes are the best bet. 

MS Dhoni’s Workout
His workout included 4 hours of practice sessions with the team. The team starts by running laps on the ground, this helps them in warming up and also helps them gather enough strength and stamina to spend long hours on the field. Whether it’s a batsman, bowler, or all-rounder great stamina is a must for running between wickets and fielding. Since MS Dhoni is an all-rounder, his training needs a tad bit extra. Apart from his practice session, he also spends time at the gym doing cardio and other exercises.

Being the wicketkeeper of the team, he is required to sit in squatting position for hours. Squats may seem easy, but they aren’t. They require a lot of core strength and one needs to be in great shape to continue to crouch like that series after series and excel!
Dhoni also does strength training which helps in preventing injuries, enhances running speed, reduces fatigue, increases throw distance, and improves batting speed. He focuses on strength training rather than cardio on most days.

MS Dhoni’s Gym Workout 
Some of his favorite gym workouts include –

  • Machine chest press 
  • V –grip Lateral Pulldown 
  • Lateral pulldown 
  • Reverse lunges on bench 
  • Prone dumbbell rowing 
  • Alternate dumbbell curl
  • Dumbbell chest press 
  • Walking lunges with dumbbell 
  • Single leg deadlift

His genes also play an important role in his overall fitness. MS Dhoni is from Almora, Uttarakhand, his metabolism is super fast which owes to his low body fat percentage and muscular frame.
It’s not just his diet that makes him ‘the MS Dhoni’. One needs to take inspiration from him at all levels, his perseverance, commitment towards the game, and ability to handle difficult situations calmly. Hope these tips help you! 


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