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Mitchell Johnson’s fitness regime: How Australia’s speed demon keeps fit

Mitchell Johnson – SAS Training

Johnson took help from Australian war hero Corporal Ben Roberts-Smith to experience a day in the life of an SAS soldier. The training was ruthless and difficult, and there was no scope for error, as carelessness in the field of war could lead to a loss of life. 

Mitchell-Johnson- TheMill Gym

Johnson trains at the Mill gym, which is an elite fitness gym that takes only 100 members and even asks people to leave if they aren’t training hard enough. He says that the workouts there have improved his strength and flexibility incredibly.

Mitchell Johnson – Trains Alone

The Australian speedster prefers weight training alone. ‘I would never have been able to do that before. I would never have been able to push myself to the brink, to push myself hard enough to see gains. But I now enjoy training on my own for that very reason: every session I can feel it improving my mental strength.’, he was quoted as saying by Men’s Health. 

Mitchell-Johnson-lifts Heavy

Johnson can lift extremely heavy. His maximum when it comes to bench presses is a mammoth 110 kg, which is a lot more than his own body weight.

Mitchell-Johnson-outperforms Himself

While Johnson believes in outperforming himself all the time, he certainly knows where to draw the line. As a resource, the Australian team uses him in short bursts and spells. He doesn’t bowl more than 4-5 overs in one go usually, and is even rested during matches that aren’t too important.

CREDIT: The Health Site

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