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Meghan Markle’s Yoga Routine for a Beautiful Glow

The British Royal Family’s grand wedding made headlines worldwide. Amongst all the glamour, the smart and beautiful Meghan Markle, now known as the Duchess of Sussex, truly shone. When asked about her beauty secrets, she credits yoga for her timeless look. What many don’t know is that Meghan has always been a devoted yoga enthusiast and an advocate for the yoga way of life. Here, we’ve gathered all the little hints she’s shared about her yoga journey in interviews to create a special yoga routine, including daily yoga classes.

meghan markle daily yoga classes What Meghan Shared About Her Yoga Practice Meghan’s mother, who is a yoga instructor, introduced her daughter to the incredible benefits of yoga at a very young age, around 7 years old. It goes to show that it’s never too early to begin yoga with your children, as there are numerous advantages to it.

In the beginning, Meghan found it challenging to follow her mom’s yoga poses and struggled to connect with the practice. Her mother lovingly encouraged her, saying, “Flower, you’ll discover your practice – just be patient.” (Yes, Meghan’s childhood nickname is Flower.) It wasn’t until college that Meghan gradually eased into yoga exercises. To stay in shape, her routine included jogging and hot yoga.

Meghan’s consistent yoga practice radiates through her positivity and the lovely glow on her face.

The Meghan Markle Face Yoga Routine:

In addition to her hot yoga sessions that help maintain her fantastic shape, Meghan Markle attributes her sculpted facial features to regular face yoga exercises she does every few days. She even mentioned that she can see an immediate difference on days when she practices face yoga.

You can incorporate these eight facial exercises into your morning or evening routine, after cleansing your face and before applying your usual skincare products. They enhance blood circulation, keeping your skin fresh. These exercises target all layers of your skin, releasing toxins, and promoting smoother and tighter skin. Face yoga is known to yield impressive results, often surpassing the effects of botox. Plus, it aligns with the body positivity philosophy and is a natural approach.

The Meghan Markle Body Yoga Routine:

Meghan Markle’s yoga routine includes various yoga exercises, which she turns to when she needs a bit of physical activity to clear her mind and boost her focus.

However, as mentioned earlier, the foundation of Meghan Markle’s remarkable physique is her dedication to hot yoga. Although sometimes mistaken for Bikram yoga, they are not the same. Hot yoga earns its name because it involves a lot of movement and sweating during the practice. It’s a challenging and enjoyable workout that blends yoga poses with a cardio pace.

You can try hot yoga at home. If you have a spacious bathroom to safely perform the poses, you can create the right conditions by running a hot shower or filling the bathtub with hot water to heat and steam up the room. Alternatively, you can use a humidifier in combination with a space heater for a similar effect.

Additional Lifestyle Insights from Meghan

Beyond her dedication to yoga for energy and fitness, Meghan Markle places great emphasis on clean eating and minimizing toxin intake. Her healthy habits have even influenced Prince Harry, who has quit smoking and is striving to consume more nourishing meals under her positive influence.

Hydration is also a top priority for Meghan and her fascination with cooking dates back to her childhood. Her father’s role as a lighting director on a TV show led her to help with food preparation and nibbles after school, sowing the seeds of her passion for food presentation aimed at bringing joy to others. Later on, she even served as a culinary critic on a children’s cooking show.

Meghan’s love for food is evident, with a significant portion of her early dates with Prince Harry spent cooking. Their engagement moment even unfolded in the kitchen. Unlike many proponents of healthy eating, Meghan doesn’t advocate strict restrictions. She believes in making sure the food you consume is clean and nutritious while maintaining a generous diet to support an active training lifestyle.

By incorporating a bit more yoga or healthy cooking into your daily routine, you’ll be doing yourself a significant favor, experiencing improvements in how you feel and look with each passing day. When seeking inspiration to achieve your fitness goals, who better to turn to than Meghan Markle?

“Elevate Your Inner and Outer Beauty with Meghan Markle’s Daily Yoga classes. Embrace the Glow, Start Your Transformation Today!”

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