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Meditation, 7 hrs of sleep, a clean diet behind Suresh Raina’s success

“Focusing on breathing and meditation helps me with clarity in my thoughts, and that keeps me relaxed during stressful situations. All I need is a quiet corner to help me organise my thoughts. For a healthy soul, you need to flush out negative thoughts every now and then. You should be able to identify situations that aren’t good for your mind and avoid them. Know that everything is not under your control. It’s best to live in the moment and enjoy what you have right now.”

“I am up by 6 am every day, whether it is a holiday or not. Seven hours of sleep is enough for me. As far as exercise goes, I like to keep my training consistent. It includes lots of cardio, weight training and a bit of cross-fit. I believe in well-rounded workouts that target overall strength, balance and fitness. My favourite workout has to be deadlifts. And my least favourite is the close-grip pull-down. I don’t have fitness role models as such. Fitness is subjective. There’s something to learn from everyone and their idea of fitness. I look up to anyone who is willing to break out of their comfort zone, and that could be as simple as rope-jumping.”

“I am not obsessed about counting my calories, but I do follow a clean diet and make sure that I work out every day. My diet contains a lot of proteins, which include egg white omelettes, tofu with steamed broccoli, carrot, green juice (spinach, kale and cucumber), herbal tea and lots of water. I avoid sugary food items such as chocolates, pastries, anything made from all-purpose flour (maida), caffeinated beverages and coffee post 3 pm. Earlier, I had issues with the timing and quantity of my meals. Now, I eat tiny portions every couple of hours, which has helped trigger my metabolism.”

Cheat sheet: “I have only one cheat meal per week, I don’t binge-eat. Homemade besan ka halwa is my favourite cheat meal.”


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