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Kriti Sanon’s Fitness tips: Exercise Program And Diet Plan

Kriti Sanon's Fitness tips:

Kriti Sanon’s Fitness tips: With her acting talent and attractive appearance, Kriti Sanon has captured our hearts. Maintaining Kriti’s stunning appearance, though, takes a lot of discipline. We chose to learn Kriti Sanon’s beauty and fitness secrets for you because we are so in awe of her.

Check out Kriti Sanon’s diet and exercise routine.

Diet plan for Kriti Sanon

Kriti Sanon has the view that eating correctly will benefit both the body and the skin. She is adamant about eating balanced, healthful meals. And what foods are included in the Kriti Sanon diet for radiant skin? The location is listed below when we provide the specifics.

Kriti Sanon eats a balanced diet, which includes the following:

Brown bread and eggs



Dal and pulses


The sweet potato

protein drinks

Dark rice

The only component of Kriti Sanon’s diet plan is a nutritious diet. She eats foods that are most effective for her body’s needs.

The best Kriti Sanon diet is shown below:

2 eggs, 2 brown pieces of bread, a glass of fresh juice, or a protein shake for breakfast
Lunch is two chapattis, brown rice, and your choice of veggie or fish.
Evening snack: a protein smoothie or a cup of corn

Dinner will be steamed rice and chicken curry. or rice and vegetables or dal

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Kriti Sanon’s Fitness tips: Exercise Program

Kriti Sanon’s training consists of a variety of exercises, including kickboxing, yoga, Pilates, and dancing. Kriti enjoys variety. Continue reading to find inspiration and decide which passages you like best.

Weightlifting – To maintain her physique toned, Kriti lifts weights frequently, usually four to five times per week. She doesn’t exercise with cardio because she tends to lose weight quickly.

Kriti enjoys kickboxing because it maintains her body in shape and gives her the necessary flexibility.

She also practices yoga and pranayama to maintain her physical and mental well-being.

Dance: Kriti practices dancing two to three times every week as well. She enjoys fusing several genres, including salsa, jazz, and Bollywood.

Kriti makes it a point to engage in every physical exercise she can to keep in shape, despite her hectic schedule. When there isn’t a gym around, she loves to run or practice yoga.

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