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Katrina Kaif’s Workout Plan: No Equipment Workout

Unquestionably one of Bollywood’s strongest beauties is Katrina Kaif. Six times a week, she works out for three to four hours. What gives her that fantastic body? Katrina Kaif’s workout plan blends utility, flexibility, and strength. We are now revealing to you the details of her special training regimen. For observable results that will not only make you look fantastic but also feel terrific, try them all consistently.

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Plan for Katrina Kaif’s Workout

The best aspect of social media is that celebrities can interact with their fans and share their entire way of life. Many people now look to Katrina Kaif for fitness inspiration thanks to her gym photos and videos. Along with Yasmin Karachiwala, her trainer offers a lot of helpful advice that can keep you busy.

Even though Katrina Kaif’s workout routine seems easy, it is challenging. The best part is that you can perform it flawlessly without spending money on equipment or joining a gym.

1. Lunges in front and back

Sets: 3

15 repetitions

Begin by putting your legs together.
Bend both knees and step forward with your right leg. The feet ought to be roughly three feet wide.
Lunge again after taking a step back with the same leg.
15 times total, then swap to the opposite side.

Important details: To activate your core, make sure your back is straight and your pelvis is tucked in. At all times, your knees should be parallel to your ankle.

It is a good idea to gently grab onto a table or a chair while executing this forceful action if you cannot steady yourself.

2. Hip-twisting plank

Sets: 3

15 repetitions

Put your body in the plank posture with your elbows and toes bearing the weight.
Right now, rotate your hip from side to side while lowering each side to the floor.
Twists that you complete on both sides count as a completed rep.

Important information: Avoid lifting or dropping your hips while holding the plank. Your center of mass should hold steady while you twist. Make sure not to rely too heavily on each other.

Throughout the workout, you should maintain a straight line from your shoulders to your elbows.

3. Sidekick and the curtsy lunge

Sets: 3

15 repetitions

One of the most frequent exercises in a Katrina Kaif workout is the curtsy lunge.
Put your feet together to begin.
Step backward diagonally now with one leg, and feet about three feet apart.
Bend both knees as if you were curtsying while you do this.
Keep your knees straight as you elevate your body up and kick as high as you can with the same leg.
15 times total, then swap to the opposite side.

Important information: Throughout the workout, your core must be engaged and your back should stay straight. Make sure to maintain a straight back when performing the lunge. Smooth, hip-directed kicks rather than knee-directed ones are preferred.

4. Army Press-Ups

Sets: 3

15 repetitions

With your weight supported by your elbows and toes, begin in a plank position.

One at a time, bend each elbow, then return to the beginning position.
Important information: As you change positions, make sure to maintain your pelvis tucked in. As you raise your body, your hips shouldn’t swing from side to side.

Katrina Kaif’s Workout : 5. Lunges on one leg

Sets: 3

15 repetitions

For this Katrina Kaif exercise, support one leg on a bench, table, or step.
Stand with your back to the piece of support equipment you have chosen.
Place one leg’s toe on it.
Move the second leg forward until it is about three feet away.
As you maintain this posture, slowly decrease your body weight to enter a lunge.
Reposition your body weight to the beginning position by pushing yourself up.

Important information: This lunge version is a little more complex. Try this only if you are confident in your ability to perform a conventional lunge and have a firm grasp of the stance. Utilize the support at the appropriate height to enable a full lunge. The weight of your body should be divided equally between the two legs.

Katrina Kaif’s Workout Plan: No. 6 Squat Jumps

Sets: 3

15 repetitions

Stand with your feet slightly farther apart than your shoulder width.
Lower your body weight and push your hips back so that you are sitting on a chair.

Hop and put your feet together without bending your knees.
Jump back into the squat position at this point.

Important information: You should only try this Katrina Kaif exercise once you feel confident performing standard squats. Keep your height constant as you move between positions. When switching, you shouldn’t move up and down. Always maintain your knees in line with your ankles and your hips thrust out. To avoid landing particularly heavy on your feet, the core should be engaged. As you move along, try to quicken your transition.


One of the best methods to get your body moving is Katrina Kaif’s Workout Plan. It is perfect for beginners who wish to begin with a straightforward program and advance over time. All of the exercises in the routine stated above are functional in nature, as you may have seen. This indicates that they are made to assist your daily activities in addition to assisting you in achieving the fitness objectives you have set for yourself.

The most crucial thing to keep in mind is that only if you remain dedicated to your training will you notice a noticeable difference. With time, you’ll notice that both your physical and emotional health improve. In an interview with GQ magazine, Katrina said, “Training helps me be the greatest.

So this was all for Katrina Kaif’s Workout Plan. Stay tuned for more!

Reference from: HealthKart

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