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How to exercise your way to fitness

Be it walking, cycling, yoga or sports, optimum exercise keeps the body mentally and physically strong. It’s time to make a start

Fitness guru, holistic health expert and FIT India Movement ambassador Mickey Mehta talks about how to get started on the fitness journey

Exercise is more than just physical; it’s therapeutic, healing and mood alleviating. It’s often said that you are only a workout away from good mood. Any exercise is better that no exercise, and you don’t need to hit the gym regularly to stay fit. Exercise can be walking for some, running or cycling for others, and yoga or aerobics for a few.

Fitness starts in the head and is much more than just losing weight. Fitness guru, holistic health expert and FIT India Movement ambassador Mickey Mehta talks about how to get started on the fitness journey:

* Walking is a small A in the A to Z of fitness, health and well-being. It increases blood circulation, oxygenation and the body’s basic metabolic rate. “Walking keeps you fit because any movement is good. Walking regularly for 20-30 minutes at a relaxed medium pace should be a good enough activity for basic fitness,” says Mehta. Walking also alleviates mental and emotional stress and uplifts us spiritually.

* Without fitness, the body and mind get into degeneration mode. Mehta says there are various fitness regimens to choose from, such as walking, cycling, yoga, physical training, calisthenics, functional training, Pilates, and sports (golf, football, basketball, cricket, swimming, etc.). Fitness also brings youthfulness to life besides giving the body flexibility and enhancing confidence.

* Workouts and exercise are equally good for the young, especially teenagers. Gorging on junk food is a common problem with this age group as also are irregular sleep patterns and addiction to digital devices. “Regular exercise takes them away from such additions and keeps them emotionally and mentally fit,” says Mehta.

Some key reasons for anyone to jump onto the exercise bandwagon or sweat it out in the sporting arena could be recreation, reversing ageing, keeping diseases and infections at bay and optimising energy levels. The benefits are unparalleled. It’s time to make a start.

CREDIT: India Today

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