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Horoscope Today: Astrological prediction for September 26, 2022

Daily horoscope: Are the stars lined up in your favour? Find out the astrological prediction for Aries, Leo, Virgo, Libra and other zodiac signs for September 26, 2022.

All zodiac signs have their own characteristics and traits which define someone’s personality. Wouldn’t it be helpful if you started your day by already knowing about what’s going to come your way? Read on to find out whether the odds will be in your favour today.

ARIES(Mar 21-Apr 20) Positive feelings may keep Aries natives in an upbeat mood throughout the day. Aries individuals can also play sports to recharge their minds. Earning handsome returns on the business front is on the cards. The professional front may require dedicated efforts to remain bright. Aries individuals might have to achieve new targets. To avoid any slippage in performance, you need to work harder than usual. Chances are that some unwise and hasty actions on the personal front would likely make the day hard for Aries natives. You will need to be smart enough to thwart the designs of your rivals today. Aries natives are likely to reap rich dividends by converting ancestral property into builder flats. You love the company of people, especially of your own age group, so expect to be invited to a party or function. Preparation for an overseas business trip is likely to start now. Students’ hard work on the academic front is likely to reflect positively in the results.

Aries Finance Today A windfall is foreseen for some Aries individuals on the financial front. A bright monetary position would enable you to clear all pending dues. Today is beneficial for investing in immovable assets like precious metals or land since it may pay rich dividends in the future.

Aries Family Today Beware, the domestic front seems turbulent for Aries natives today. You may somehow manage to get on the wrong side of your sibling and face the brunt! Increasing pressure may force some Aries natives to take leave from office to complete pending housework.

Aries Career Today You can be choosy about a professional assignment and take your call. Aries natives may be allowed more freedom than they expected in negotiating a deal. You will be able to get around to asking your senior for a long-due favour.

Aries Health Today Aries natives regular in exercise can take up a new sport today. This may not only keep you mentally and physically fit but will also lend creativity to your approach. A remedy suggested by someone will come in handy in curing a minor ailment.

Aries Love Life Today The one you are going steady with is likely to spring a surprise today. There is also a good chance of meeting someone today whom you have not met in years. Aries natives’ romantic partners are not only likely to give moral support but also show the right way to lead life.

Lucky Number: 9

Lucky Colour: Lemon

TAURUS(Apr 21-May 20) Taurus natives may enjoy good health and may find themselves a bundle of energy today. Persistent efforts would infuse a new spirit on the family front. It may be a day for the renewal of bonds and family ties for some Taurus individuals. You rediscover loving connections and relationships on the domestic front. Sharing your feelings with your romantic partner will prove therapeutic. The day may bring new challenges in your professional life. Some may have to search for a new job, while others will have to work hard to prove their calibre. Power games may ensue on the social front and pit you against your rivals. Don’t leave things incomplete, as it may create problems for you. A journey proves fruitful and is likely to benefit you monetarily. Division of an ancestral property may prove favourable for all the concerned parties. A good day is foreseen for Taurus students appearing in a competitive exam, they are likely to encounter success.

Taurus Finance Today Taurus natives need to keep a close watch on their expenses. Businesspeople and traders will have to refrain from signing any commercial or legal documents without verifying else they can get into trouble. Self-starters are likely to get a necessary helping hand in business.

Taurus Family Today A family function organized for distant relatives and kin is likely to prove the most enjoyable. This may help Taurus individuals strengthen their bond with family members. A family youngster setting out on a new job or higher studies is likely to become a source of pride.

Taurus Career Today In your heart, you feel superior to your colleagues, but you fail to establish this fact due to your own shortcomings. Keep making efforts to improve your technical and core knowledge. Some Taurus natives may be in between jobs.

Taurus Health Today Taurus individuals’ health is expected to be robust today. However, do avoid eating from outside as it may upset your stomach. Those Taurus natives who are overweight will be successful in coming back into shape with diet and exercise. Music therapy may improve the sleeping pattern.

Taurus Love Life Today Taurus native’s romantic partner is likely to make all-out efforts to lay suspicions to rest on the romantic front. A new equation with someone close will keep you mentally at ease. Those enjoying love on the sly will need to take extra pains to keep it under wraps.

Lucky Number: 7

Lucky Colour: Cyan

GEMINI(May 21-Jun 21) Today, Gemini individuals may be able to take decisions that they were unable to make in the past. Your technical skills are likely to help in navigating the competitive professional front. To bring a bloom in your professional life you will have to formulate new strategies. To reverse sagging business fortunes, you may have to take some calculated risks to tackle the situation. Make sure you choose savings schemes which have high return potential. Frequent arguments and confrontations with elders would vitiate a joyous atmosphere. Some Gemini students are likely to be satisfied with their performance in a competitive situation on the academic front. However, they need to stay patient and work even harder to improve their grades. Socially, Gemini natives will be very much in the limelight. Someone may help you regain your position on the social front. A short journey is on the cards for Gemini natives that would help them to regather their thoughts.

Gemini Finance Today Good financial management is likely to benefit in stabilizing your financial position. Some Geminis can also expect financial benefits from past investments. In case you plan to make any new investment then weigh the pros and cons carefully.

Gemini Family Today You may face some communication lapses with your family members which can be upsetting. Because of this, you may remain stressed. However, don’t react or get upset, rather resolve the issues amicably. Youngsters may annoy some Gemini natives with their rigid behaviour.

Gemini Career Today Gemini individuals may find themselves going easy on the professional front. Impressing those who matter will be easy for you in career matters. Good contacts are likely to translate into new opportunities on the professional front. So go ahead, mingle and make new connections.

Gemini Health Today Seek expert help before undertaking a rigorous exercise regime to achieve health goals faster. Opting for a balanced diet is likely to aid in overcoming chronic ailments. Practice some deep breathing exercises to enhance your focus and promote clear thoughts.

Gemini Love Life Today You will keep your partner’s romantic interest alive through your inventive and unconventional ways! Chances of surrendering their heart and soul to someone special are indicated for single Gemini individuals. Newly married Gemini natives are likely to embark upon a period of marital bliss and happiness.

Lucky Number: 17

Lucky Colour: Green

CANCER(Jun22-Jul 22) This time is a good time for Cancer natives to reassess their priorities. You need to be realistic in financial planning to enable yourself to achieve your goals. Money in hand would enable Cancer natives to rapidly expand their business. Use your valuable energy in achieving what you wish to see in physical reality. You succeed in asserting your authority on the domestic front, by having your way, but don’t push too much. An interesting individual is likely to keep you entertained. Professional life may remain a little turbulent. At times, Cancer natives may feel let down by a colleague which can lead to arguments. As a result, your reputation can take a beating. Cancer students may find it difficult to focus on their studies which can contribute to lower grades. If a vacation is on your mind, this is an excellent time to plan it. Good negotiations are likely to get you a piece of property for a bargain price. Supporting contradictory opinions in the friend circle would disappoint all.

Cancer Finance Today Your monetary situation will be such that you will be able to afford all creature comforts. Cancer businesspeople who had made a deal in the past to gain profits may start reaping good results. It is also an auspicious day to sign new agreements as the deal may turn out to be successful.

Cancer Family Today Cancer individuals’ ideas on the home front may be implemented smoothly. Strong coordination among family members may ensure greater prosperity and happiness on the domestic front. Support from family members would enable Cancer natives to easily pass the testing time.

Cancer Career Today You are likely to be made answerable for something you failed to execute at work. Cancer natives may be kept busy at work more than usual. Today, you need to control your emotions, especially your aggression. It can lead to a minor problem getting out of hand.

Cancer Health Today Your inexhaustible energy and enthusiasm may keep you in a cheerful state today. Cancer natives may be highly benefited by diverting attention to spirituality. Holistic healing would allow the body to repair from within, without depending on treatment therapy.

Cancer Love Life Today Cancer individuals may enjoy a delightful journey with their spouse to relive romantic memories. You are likely to convey to the partner that you love him/her from the bottom of your heart. Those looking for a new romance are likely to meet a like-minded person, paving way for a budding romance.

Lucky Number: 15

Lucky Colour: Red

LEO (Jul 23-Aug 23) Adopting a determined and positive attitude may benefit Leos. This may keep you upbeat and focused on achieving your goals. The financial front is likely to remain more than satisfactory for Leo natives. Some good news from a distant relative may bring happy moments for your whole family. Some guest visits would make it a pleasant and wonderful day. The love life however may not be as smooth as expected; you will have to keep calm to sustain your relationship. Leo natives may have to go out of their way to meet their romantic partner’s demands. However, some of you can expect to have a nice time in the company of friends today. Senior Leo students who wish to pursue higher education abroad will be successful. Your contribution to a social event will be acknowledged and add to your prestige. A journey may prove much more exciting than you had anticipated. Papers pertaining to a property will be handed over to you.

Leo Finance Today You are likely to find the day favourable if you keep your options open on the financial front. An investment made today would enhance prosperity and financial security. Leo businesspeople can expect some drastic changes in their operations as new opportunities will come in plenty.

Leo Family Today For Leo individuals, the arrival of a new guest in the family may bring moments of celebration and joy. Efforts on the family front would enable to bring greater spontaneity and freedom in interaction with others.

Leo Career Today A professionally satisfying day is foreseen where you may be able to complete all your tasks successfully. Your ideas on the professional front are likely to be accepted and acknowledged on the professional front. Leo job-seekers may get lucky in their search and get a selection call soon.

Leo Health Today Today, it is advisable not to mingle with those who cause stress or bring mental agony to you. Try to stay away from stress at all costs. You need strict supervision in the initial stages to prevent the relapsing of allergy or seasonal ailment.

Leo Love Life Today Leo natives’ spouses may compel them for something that they are in no mood for, but little effort can do about it! Blindly following others coupled with taking hasty decisions would compound problems in love life. Time to be realistic and practical on the romantic front.

Lucky Number: 7

Lucky Colour: Cyan

VIRGO(Aug 24-Sept 23) Positive thinking and perseverance may help Virgo natives in making their mark. You are likely to shoulder additional responsibilities to enhance career prospects. Sharp observation ability enables Virgo natives in maintaining the lead. Patience will be required to choose the best investment options on the financial front. Don’t make too much of something that has been done or said inadvertently on the domestic front, it may be unintentional. Today, Virgo natives need to avoid taking impulsive decisions in love life. Any hasty move may make you repent later on. You may consistently perform well on the academic front. Virgo students are likely to have a favourable day and they may have dynamism towards achieving their goals. You are likely to be free from any ailment today. Your love life may prove to be a bit taxing and you may feel frustrated as a result. Travelling to meet some old friends will prove exciting for Virgo individuals. A social event may find you in your element and promises to make you popular.

Virgo Finance Today A healthy bank balance may allow Virgos to do a bit of splurging and impulsive buying. Those in business can strike new partnerships which can favour them in the long run. Look for wise investments and execute them quickly.

Virgo Family Today Domestic issues may be sorted out amicably as elders or senior siblings step in and play mediators. An elderly person in the family is likely to overcome a prolonged disease and your bonding with them may increase. Virgo natives may have to shoulder additional domestic chores today.

Virgo Career Today This is a good time for going in for something being planned for long on the professional front. Those Virgo natives working in the government sector can hear good news in the form of a desirable transfer or pending promotion.

Virgo Health Today Virgo natives inclined towards sports may realise some of their aspirations with a perfect physique. Be grateful for the little things in your life rather than nagging about the things that don’t work your way. A self-care session at a spa or beauty centre may bring immense satisfaction.

Virgo Love Life Today Distance may prove an impediment for Virgo natives’ in meeting their lovers on a regular basis. Your love life may not be very smooth and you may face small fights with your partner. However, your bond will improve with the passage of time. Just remain patient and tactful.

Lucky Number: 7

Lucky Colour: Off White

LIBRA(Sept 24-Oct 23) It’s time for Libra natives to bring necessary changes in life by adopting a more balanced approach. An ability to handle tough situations with ease brings success to Libra natives’ workplace. You are likely to make professional challenges as opportunities to enhance career prospects. Delayed payment can keep Libra natives on tenterhooks, but it will be realized very soon. Perfect planning would enable repayment of loans on time. Due to some changes at home, you may have a conflict with family members. Sharing family problems with other members will enable you to solve them. Those married may need to spend some time with in-laws or family elders due to their increasing health issues. Some of you might go to a different city or nearby place to distribute invitation cards for marriage or some other function. The social front can keep Libra natives busy entertaining guests. Some Libra individuals can expect important visitors today.

Libra Finance Today If a large part of your money has been stuck for a long time in the form of compensation or loans, then today you may finally get the result in your favour. However, expenditure relating to entertainment and social meetings can shoot up. So watch for it, dear Librans.

Libra Family Today Today, Libra natives may face a tense atmosphere at home which can disturb their peace of mind. Some of you may also get worried on account of a family member, but your fears will be unfounded. Interact with them openly to make ties strong.

Libra Career Today On the professional front, Libra natives are likely to have a great openness to constantly learn and innovate. Don’t hesitate to ask for that well-deserved promotion or increment. Self-employed people may also attract the attention of investors.

Libra Health Today Keeping all ailments at bay may become your mantra and ensure total fitness. Health tips may come in handy for Libra natives wanting to come back in shape. Indulge in some healthy eating habits and consume more fresh fruits and green vegetables.

Libra Love Life Today Married or old couples may go on a date night or spend time in some fun activity. In love, you are likely to pay heed to sharing little things together to enjoy each other’s company. Personal guidance may strengthen the romantic relationship of Libra individuals.

Lucky Number: 8

Lucky Colour: Navy Blue

SCORPIO(Oct 24-Nov 22) Today, Scorpios may find things moving excellently both on the personal and professional fronts. Your meticulous planning is likely to lead in a positive direction at the workplace. Don’t hesitate in taking calculated risks for higher returns. A sudden bloom in financial health is on the card for some. Deserting the tendency to behave self-centred would enable Scorpio natives to lend a helping hand on the family front. Guests contribute to bringing much-needed happiness to the family front today. The day also promises success in the romantic pursuits of some Scorpios. Refurbishing the house is on the cards for some. You may make travel plans with your family today. Scorpio students may face some complications with their learning and may face anxiety in achieving good results. Chances are that carelessness could help hidden enemies to succeed in nefarious designs. Someone you are apprehensive about on the social front will soon show his or her true colours.

Scorpio Finance Today Scorpio individuals seeking a loan will be able to complete the paperwork. If you do business in partnership, you may feel that your partner is not keeping his or her promise. Seek answers before jumping to baseless conclusions. Gains may remain on the profitable side today.

Scorpio Family Today Family and friends may help you achieve what you have set out for today. After a long time, Scorpio individuals get the opportunity to spend time with the whole family. Your younger siblings can achieve a lot of success in all walks of their life with your guidance and motivation.

Scorpio Career Today Scorpios may be the star at the workplace today! Keep working hard and smart and impress your supervisors. You may possess strong observational and analytical skills which may help you in your career. A choice posting is likely for government employees.

Scorpio Health Today To improve your mental state, practice meditation and yoga regularly and avoid spicy and oily food. Discomfort might disturb mental peace. Better listen to some soothing music to restore it. Sports participation may help you maintain an excellent form.

Scorpio Love Life Today Scorpio natives indulging in romance on the sly can run the risk of getting exposed today. Avoid making a commitment if you are not sure of honouring it. It’s a good day to take the next step in your romantic relationship, as the stars appear favourable.

Lucky Number: 7

Lucky Colour: Silver

SAGITTARIUS(Nov 23-Dec 21) The feeling of something good happening may persist for Sagittarius natives today. It may add to their enthusiasm and push them towards their goals. A sound monetary position would enable you to take your business to newer heights. You are likely to visit a short pleasure trip with family members to celebrate an occasion. Today, some Sagittarius individuals are likely to face the most important experience of their life like falling in love. This is a good time to tackle an issue that has been bugging you on the professional front for a long time. Horizon on the academic front brightens and Sagittarius academic achievers can expect a favourable time ahead. You can earn substantial gains through any transaction relating to property or land. The assets’ value can multiply and you may be able to get additional income. Those in love can plan an outing to spend time together while a business trip can turn out to be fruitful as well.

Sagittarius Finance Today Things start looking bright on the financial front for Sagittarius individuals as earnings increase. Your ability to accomplish work may increase and you might make a big decision to expand your business in a creative manner. The advice of a household member will help you earn extra money, which will please you.

Sagittarius Family Today You are likely to get the support of your family members as well as those associated with you in important development. This may enhance your confidence and you may progress by leaps and bounds. Also, some Sagittarius natives may spend openly on their family members.

Sagittarius Career Today Today, any opponent of yours can plan and plot against you. Therefore, you need to work while keeping your eyes and ears open in every situation. Sagittarius individuals may have to remain flexible in difficult situations on the professional front. Freelancers may have to wait a bit to get lucrative projects.

Sagittarius Health Today You manage to motivate yourself for workouts and keep fit. An entertaining pastime can keep you busy and strengthen your mental strength as well. Any old health issues relating to face or skin may now be resolved effectively and swiftly for Sagittarius natives.

Sagittarius Love Life Today If you are single, your friends may set you up on a date. And guess what? It may turn out better than what you expected it to be! Some random heart-to-heart conversation will strike a chord and Sagittarius natives may get a sense of security from their partner.

Lucky Number: 2

Lucky Colour: Lemon

CAPRICORN(Dec 22-Jan 21) Working Capricorn professionals may fare better in their careers today, while businesspeople may face some tense moments. Developments on the professional front are likely to be in your favour, bringing excitement and contentment. Today, negative thoughts can dominate your mind. Because of this, your decision-making can be impacted. Capricorns should seek out informed feedback before taking any decision; else they may deprive themselves of some profitable opportunities. A situation cropping up on the family front will need to be tackled with understanding and tact. Your health may gradually improve, and you are likely to remain in good shape till the end of the day. Travelling seems to be on the cards, be it for work, education, personal life or sharing some private moments with your spouse. It promises to be advantageous. Capricorn students need to put forth their best efforts to achieve favourable results in their academics and higher studies. It’s an auspicious time to organize a function or ceremony on the social front.

Capricorn Finance Today Capricorns need to be practical in financial matters. Don’t be so kind-hearted as to give a loan to someone you know will not return it! You are likely to burn your fingers in a hastily conceived financial deal. The value of something that you had invested in is likely to depreciate.

Capricorn Family Today Domestic life looks pleasant today. Some Capricorn individuals may visit a religious or relative’s place for a ceremony. On this pretext, if any family dispute has been going on, then that too will be solved. You can expect positive vibes and bonhomie in your household!

Capricorn Career Today Planning for a new project can find Capricorn natives busier than usual. This can be one of those days when you may not have a shortage of work in your career. However, avoid desperation and adopt a calm attitude. Discuss well with your colleagues and supervisors to meet deadlines.

Capricorn Health Today Today may be better in terms of health as compared to the last few days for Capricorn individuals. Keep doing your regular workout to stay fit. Excesses can have an adverse effect on your health, so maintain a distance from doing excesses.

Capricorn Love Life Today Your romantic partner pushing you to fulfil his or her ends cannot be ruled out on the romantic front, but you really won’t mind! Capricorn natives succeed in winning the trust of the person they like, paving the way for an exciting romance.

Lucky Number: 6

Lucky Colour: Yellow

AQUARIUS (Jan 22-Feb 19) Times for Aquarians are set to get better, so rejoice! Bask in the afterglow of a strong financial and professional front. Your search for excellence is likely to bring success at work. If you were thinking of making an investment related to your home, then today is expected to be much better than usual. Aquarius natives are likely to meet someone to share a satisfying and unique romantic relationship. Some of you may manage to address all pending issues on the domestic front with better understanding and rapport. Some Aquarius students are likely to face cut-throat competition in their examinations. They will need to step up their efforts and preparations to excel. Your keenness to go on vacation may not be shared by other family members; at least not for now. An old but fast friend is likely to contact you to make it a memorable day for you.

Aquarius Finance Today Your financial life is going to be vibrant throughout the day. Aquarius natives may get many opportunities to earn money. Those involved in foreign collaboration may sign lucrative agreements or partnerships. Avoid spending money on unnecessary items; else your financial position can be impacted.

Aquarius Family Today The day may be favourable for Aquarius natives as they may be able to draw everyone’s attention to themselves. Keep a smile on and let nothing ruin the vibe of comfort and warmth at home. A vibrant family atmosphere would positively reflect on children as they catch the vibrations of joy, peace and harmony of your household home.

Aquarius Career Today Aquarius individuals are likely to get an opportunity to impress a senior at work today. You may manage to remain motivated to undertake a difficult job and ensure its successful completion. Time to arm yourself with the right information to make yourself better protected and richer than you would otherwise have been.

Aquarius Health Today Regularity and discipline in fitness routines may bring a drastic improvement in Aquarius natives’ health. Despite being involved in a heavy workload, you will witness amazing energy inside you. Getting rid of negative thinking will further bring a health improvement.

Aquarius Love Life Today Romantic experiences enjoyed recently occupy Aquarius natives’ minds today. There is someone who is attracted to you and wants to become a part of your life, so take your call. Sharing valuable time with their spouse would give Aquarius natives an opportunity to rediscover lovely marital bonds.

Lucky Number: 7

Lucky Colour: Cyan

PISCES(Feb 20-Mar 20) Today, Pisces natives can feel a bit restless due to the monotonous routine. To counterattack your stress, you can seek the shelter of spirituality and meditation. However, you need not worry because you may enjoy more joys than face disappointments today. Also, it is an auspicious day for family functions and important ceremonies. Spending time with children and family members would give a much-needed change from the usual drabness of life. Your inherent potential is likely to lead you in a new direction on the professional front. Financial success depends on long-term strategic planning. Pisces natives working in the real estate industry may also witness positive results. Students can face doubts and confusion in learning but their hard work will help them to get good scores. Commuting to a new location may not pose any problem. However, those travelling to a new place need to remain alert. Take care of your valuables else they are likely to be misplaced or stolen.

Pisces Finance Today Don’t be shy in shelling out money, where it serves your interests, Pisceans. Money may not pose many problems, even if you overspend today. Traders and entrepreneurs may enjoy a strong position in the market. Honour and respect for them may also increase.

Pisces Family Today Pisces individuals may help ease the domestic atmosphere with their wit and humour today. You will be able to take care of all your family responsibilities, which may earn you respect and admiration from all members. Children will add cheer to the household with their antics.

Pisces Career Today The workplace is likely to be a fun place today as bonhomie prevails. Enjoying power and authority in a new appointment is indicated on the professional front. Don’t forget to take the help of subordinates by involving them in the decision-making process.

Pisces Health Today Pisces natives may feel a little lethargic and jaded today. You are advised to take part in some physical activities like sports to bring a sense of freshness to your life. Those out of shape may take up a fitness routine to achieve their dream physique.

Pisces Love Life Today Thinking up newer ways of keeping your lover’s interest alive may help rejuvenate your love life. Pisces natives are advised to make some changes, but take it slow. Also, keep your romantic priorities in order today. Your spouse can witness positive career development.

Lucky Number: 1

Lucky Colour: Baby Pink

CREDIT: Hindustan Times

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