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Horoscope Today, 19 September 2022:

Daily horoscope: Are the stars lined up in your favour? Find out the astrological prediction for Aries, Leo, Virgo, Libra and other zodiac signs for September 19, 2022.

All zodiac signs have their own characteristics and traits which define someone’s personality. Wouldn’t it be helpful if you started your day by already knowing about what’s going to come your way? Read on to find out whether the odds will be in your favour today.

ARIES(Mar 21-Apr 20) Aries, you may experience a significant financial inflow as a result of some business associates’ international visit. You may get the most of this time if you make wise decisions and manage your finances. You may make financial management a priority. You may utilize this day to work toward your objectives and enhance your relationship with the company’s superiors. You may take a leisurely stroll with a family member. You may enjoy the day with your kids at an amusement park. There may be many things that you need to communicate to improve your relationship with your beloved, just go ahead and share everything before it gets too late. The day may not be good for your love life so be a bit careful with how you exchange your thoughts. Make sure that you use the right words in a polite manner.

Aries Finance Today Today may be a day when your stocks may do good. You may receive decent dividends out of them. You may make good money working in financial sector. You may anticipate that your investments may pay off well in near future.
Aries Family Today Your family may be at the top of your priority list today. You may work on your close relations and they may bloom to the fullest. Creativity at home may give a new meaning to your relationships.

Aries Career Today You may move up the ladder at your work place. You may understand that good relations with colleagues may help you in the long run. You may not hesitate to take the help of someone to solve technical difficulties.

Aries Health Today You may experience a pleasant stability in your life. You may finally feel like you have some breathing space as some stress may decline from your home. You may practice yoga and meditation to strengthen this feeling.
Aries Love Life Today Aries, today may not be the day to expect too much from your partner. You may need to relax and spend time with the one you love without worrying about anything else.

Lucky Number: 11

Lucky Colour: Indigo

TAURUS(Apr 21-May20) Taurus, today may be a good day for you to enjoy the financial benefits that you have in hand. Your instinct to understand good offers may help you further increase your income. You may receive an unexpected amount of money from an ancestral property. Your excitement towards your work may increase as you may be appreciated for closing a project successfully. You may expect a bonus or some variable component from your management. Your health may remain good and you may regain all your lost parameters. You may become conscious to eat well and consume some super foods every day. Exercise may become a part of your daily routine. Your partner may help you in following a healthy, balanced diet.

Taurus Finance Today Today, you may spend your energy in making things right by making fruitful investments. Your enthusiasm may be high and you may not feel drained. You
may focus on your finances as today may be a brighter day for you.

Taurus Family Today On the domestic front, you may feel little irritated by the action of a family member. However, do not allow these minor disputes ruin your day. You may need to do some meditation exercises to stay calm and avoid arguments.

Taurus Career Today Taurus, today you may get a new job offer that may bring a complete change in your life. You may get some wonderful feedback from your boss in the present project. Your subordinates may help you in every possible manner.

Taurus Health Today Taurus, you may become more aware of your health and a bit more conscious of what you eat every day. You may join a gym or measure your calories. You may also take a note of your lifestyle and analyze unhealthy food habits.

Taurus Love Life Today Taurus, you may not be worried to capture your beloved’s attention as he/she may already shower. If you’re in a relationship, your significant other may let you know how much they value you. Your love partner or potential romantic interests make you happy today!

Lucky Number: 18

Lucky Color: Golden Brown

GEMINI(May 21-Jun 21) Gemini, today you may enjoy your financial security to the best. You may receive good margins from your stocks. You may plan to invest more money in property. Besides financial work, you may also focus on your professional work. You may complete your tasks to the satisfaction of your boss. Your work may not get its due recognition but this may not bother you. You may not let things disturb your daily regime of exercising and vigorous walk. You may plan to join a health club to further improve your health. Your partner may also come along with you to motivate you. However, things may be a bit irritating with other family members. Gemini, you may need to learn how to handle teenager children or they may develop rebellious feeling towards you.

Gemini Finance Today An amazing day for you Gemini as you may receive a jackpot offer from a foreign client. You may instantly accept an attractive financial deal and this may offer you excellent margin in least possible time.

Gemini Family Today Today may be a day of utter chaos at home. No one, neither elders nor children may be in a mood to understand your perspective. You may have to agree to your family and provide them with an exciting holiday. Don’t worry Gemini as the change may benefit you as well.

Gemini Career Today A usual day at work for you Gemini. You may work with complete dedication but may not receive much acknowledgement. You may close all pending tasks without thinking much about appreciation.

Gemini Health Today You may feel very fine today in terms of your health. You may enjoy going for a walk with family or playing a game of football with pals at the nearby sports field. Your fitness may inspire others and motivate them to exercise regularly.

Gemini Love Life Today You may have a superb time with your beloved. You may plan your future years with him/her. Your understanding may deepen and grow substantially. You may feel fortunate to have him/her in your life.

Lucky Number: 4

Lucky Colour: Turquoise

CANCER(Jun 22-Jul 22) Dear Cancer, your knowledge and expertise on financial matters may be pretty good. You may know where and when to invest money. You may enjoy your financial position today. Your work may impart you more respect and also additional tasks. You may fulfill your duties with confidence and enthusiasm. Your family may feel happy with your progress. They may like to celebrate your growth. You may enjoy this sudden change in life. You may go out with your family for a lovely dinner. However, this may not let you ignore your health. You may have a healthy meal and take your supplements timely. You may go for a long walk. You may practice yoga as you always do.

Cancer Finance Today Cancer, you may understand the value of money. You may make some investments that may help you build yourself a good amount of stability. You may adopt a strategy to save more and spend less. You may guide others on financial matters.

Cancer Family Today It may be a usual day where you may spend a lot of time with your children. You may try to help them in their studies but they may not be keen to share inputs with you. You may ignore any trivial matters today.

Cancer Career Today Your expertise may reflect in your performance. You may be encouraged to take on additional responsibilities. You may find your career taking a steady growth both in terms of position and money.

Cancer Health Today Health may remain stable today. You may carry out all regular activities with ease and comfort. You may check with a doctor for a minor ailment; however, it may not be a matter of concern. You may feel satisfied with regards to your health. Enjoy good health, Cancer.

Cancer Love Life Today It may not be a favorable day for your love life as your partner may feel irritated and offended because of your careless attitude. You may try to bring peace between you and your partner but it may seem impossible today. Take care Cancer.

Lucky Number: 8

Lucky Colour: Metallic Blue

LEO(Jul 23-Aug 23) Leo, you know the tips to manage your finances. You may enjoy this day as there may be enough inflow of money. You may think of going for a solo trip to enjoy this financial stability. Today’s quality time with your family may give you sweet memories to cherish your life forever. Your respect for elders and love for youngsters may seem attractive to everyone. Your work may keep you busy. Your colleagues may help you in your tasks. You may feel satisfied with your work. You may not neglect your health at any cost. You may eat a nutritious diet and add more fruits to it. You may find your lover quite caring because of his/her complete support and encouragement. You may take your partner on a shopping spree to enjoy the day with him/her.

Leo Finance Today Today you may feel blessed to have invested money in various prestigious projects. If you have been thinking about applying for a loan, you may get it approved instantly. You may feel completely satisfied with regards to your finances.

Leo Family Today Leo, today may be an amazing day for your domestic life. You may get the best memories today. You may make every moment of this day beautiful by enjoying yourself with your children. You may enhance love in every relation at home.

Leo Career Today You may be satisfied with your employment and your present professional path. You may feel that everything in your career may be falling into place for you. Though things may not be perfect, they may seem to be getting better today.

Leo Health Today You may experience complete stability in your health today. You may finally feel that you have some breathing room. You may try to relax yourself so that you may have an improved living experience.

Leo Love Life Today Today may be a good day to broaden your understanding of your partner. You may decide to be less rigid about the qualities you are looking for and this may help you improve your relationship.

Lucky Number: 18

Lucky Colour: Golden Brown

VIRGO(Aug 24-Sep 23) Virgo, you may feel at ease because of your stable financial position. You may analyze your funds and may look at investing in commercial property. You may have a stress-free and comfortable day with your family. You may sit with an elder and show intense love and care. People may respond to all your gestures with lot of love. You may do good at work and may get all the attention of your senior management. You may get a promotion or a posting abroad. You may be happy to share your performance with your subordinates. You may spend time at the gym and learn more about health care from the trainer. You may increase your protein content in your diet.

Virgo Finance Today Today may be a beneficial day for you Virgo as all your previous investments may fetch you wonderful margins. You may enjoy this luxury of getting unlimited inflow of money. You may not think of any more investments today.

Virgo Family Today You may ensure to spend time with everyone in your family. You may have to take out some extra time from your busy schedule but you may do it to maintain close relationships. You may try to be affectionate and caring to all members of the family.

Virgo Career Today You may find that all frustrations at workplace may vanish. You may feel that you are out of all mess happening at work. You may focus on your given tasks and feel extra productive.

Virgo Health Today Your health may be fine. You may try to incorporate healthy habits and diet in your routine. You may focus on getting to bed on time. You may understand that you have messed your sleeping routine with your health lately. You may try to work on balancing your time.

Virgo Love Life Today Your love life may go for a toss today. You may not be happy with the way your relationship may move further. Your partner may not be ready to understand your monetary position and may make unnecessary demands. You may feel irritated and disheartened.

Lucky Number: 15

Lucky Colour: Peach

LIBRA(Sep 24-Oct 23) Dear Libra, your finances may be too good today. You may expect huge margins from your stocks. You may plan to give some amount of your earning for charity. With unexpected margins, you may plan to invest in a villa in a posh area and move along with your family. You may receive complete support from your family. They may feel happy for your growing funds. They may wish to celebrate the day with you. On the work front there may be some problems as you may not be able to complete all tasks on time. You may receive a warning from your boss especially if you skip a deadline. You may feel little low and disheartened. You may need some motivation to stay neutral.

Libra Finance Today Your financial efforts may improve further. You may maintain a good bank balance. You may look at enhancing your stocks. You may think of investing money for your child’s higher education. The inflow of money may be great and may make you completely satisfied.

Libra Family Today You may have an amazing day with your family Libra. You may plan to go out to a resort with all family members. The entire day may be full of excitement and fun. You may plan to celebrate your child’s success today.

Libra Career Today You may feel offended at work today. All your effort may either go waste or may not be recognized by seniors. You may try to spend time with your coworkers but they may not show any interest. You may need to make an effort to stay motivated.

Libra Health Today Libra, your health may not pose any problem to you as you may take utmost care to eat good and avoid unhealthy food. You may follow a healthy lifestyle with daily exercise and yoga. You may also stop eating spicy and oily food.

Libra Love Life Today Today may be a day of normalcy. There may not be big ups and downs in your committed relationship. You may feel blissful and create a future for you and your partner where you can both be happy and pleased.

Lucky Number: 17

Lucky Colour: Dark Turquoise

SCORPIO(Oct 24-Nov 22) You may feel little shaky looking at your finances today. You may make an effort to improve your earning but it may not turn out to be good. The money invested earlier may not provide you with hefty profits. Scorpio, your family may be considerate towards you and may not burden you with their expectations. You may feel happy to have an understanding family. Your work may not provide you with ample satisfaction. You may need to gather more inputs to improve your performance. To stay productive, you may have to make a deliberate effort to stay away from any kind of stress. It may be good if you continue with your regular exercise and workout. You may also start to consume more of raw and healthy vegetables.

Scorpio Finance Today Dear Scorpio, your efforts made in financial activities may not yield pleasant results. You may need to work smart to improve your earning. You may need to improve your contact sources and public relations to stay alert on the financial market.

Scorpio Family Today There may be some disagreement with one of the family members today. However, it may get resolved quickly. You may try to work out your problems if any. It may be a usual day with nothing much exciting.

Scorpio Career Today On the work front, you may need to change your strategy of work. You may have to work smartly if you want to get noticed by your higher officials. You may plan to start a new venture or initiate some work of your own. You may feel a healthy competition around you.

Scorpio Health Today Your health and effectiveness may stay normal. Your faith towards God may keep you fit and trouble free. You may follow a disciplined life and pay attention to your eating habits. You may stop junk food completely. Your enthusiasm and morale may remain high.

Scorpio Love Life Today Scorpio, you may spend pleasant moments with your beloved. There may be some necessary discussion with your loved one. Your happiness may increase as you may have a more balanced relationship.

Lucky Number: 2

Lucky Colour: Orange

SAGITTARIUS(Nov 23-Dec 21) You may remain good on the economic front, Sagittarius. Financial work may improve. You may do good in business and may take it forward. Your professional relations may improve. You may get the desired offer. You may comply with the rules. You may work on a budget. You may try to keep a balance. You may accelerate managerial efforts. Your personality may be dominant. Your personal relations may get better. You may have more emotional control. Your children may bring happiness to you. You may plan a movie with them. Your health may be good and may let you enjoy all daily activities with ease. There may be no hindrance in your routine because of any ailments. Your partner may be happy for your good health.

Sagittarius Finance Today Sagittarius, in all financial matters you may continue to move forward without any hesitation. You may make some negotiations in new deals and you may be successful. You may get what you desire.

Sagittarius Family Today You may get the company of elders. You may strike a balance in all personal relationships. You may enjoy a sense of harmony in your relationships. You may try to work in the interest of loved ones. There may be an atmosphere of joy within family.

Sagittarius Career Today At work, your versatility may impress everyone. You may try to accomplish your goals. There may be an increase in reputation and respect. All your achievements may get a boost. You may take advantage of the resources and may reach the desired targets.

Sagittarius Health Today You may improve your lifestyle and this may enhance your health. Your morale may be high and you may lay emphasis on creative thinking. This may prove good for your mental health. You may start to practice some breathing exercises.
Sagittarius Love Life Today You may be happy with your love life. You may win the trust of your loved one. You may feel emotionally strong and may speak responsibly. Your relationship may grow impregnable. There may be even more clarity in your loving relationship.

Lucky Number: 7

Lucky Colour: Off White

CAPRICORN(Dec 22-Jan 21) Capricorn, today may be an average day on the economic front. You may feel that your expenses are more as compared to income. You may increase your working speed so that you may work according to your plan. To maintain a healthy balance, you may have to pay attention to both expenses and investments. A close friend may advice you on a work-related matter. You may work religiously without giving any thought to result. Your hard work may not get ignored by your colleagues and seniors. Your family ties may get stronger. You may maintain your emotional balance. You may spend some quality time with your elders. Your partner may not adjust to your busy schedule. There may be a conflict and you may not be able to put your point convincingly.

Capricorn FinanceToday You may need to strike a balance with regards to financial matters. You may show patience in all new financial deals. You may try to avoid making any decisions in haste. All your economic activities may remain average.

Capricorn Family Today You may feel an ease in your personal relations. You may receive some important information from one of your close relatives. There may be a strengthening of mutual trust among all family members. You may spend quality time with loved ones.

Capricorn Career Today You may proceed with ease at work place. You may be polite and sweet to everyone around you, which may be helpful in your growth. You may get to meet your seniors and present them with your way of working.

Capricorn Health Today You may need to focus on your health. You may have to avoid foods that make you feel bloated or may cause indigestion. If you have any allergies Capricorn, today, you may need to be cautious.

Capricorn Love Life Today Today may not be a satisfactory day as you may have a dispute with your loved one. You may not be able to convince him/her on a domestic matter. You may feel disappointed but you must do something about it.

Lucky Number: 3

Lucky Colour: Cream

AQUARIUS(Jan 22-Feb 19) Aquarius, today may be a good day to invest in the stock market. You may make good money if you plan to buy a commercial property. You may plan some family activity today. You may try to get a much-needed dose of nature during this quality time. You may have to work hard to meet the deadline of your project. You may find the day quite busy with regards to work. You may have some positive discussions with your managers. Aquarius, today may be the day to start taking the necessary steps to start a healthier lifestyle. You may draw inspiration from someone close to you. Your partner may help you in this stay-fit journey. There may be complete coordination between the two of you.

Aquarius Finance Today You may feel glad that your finances may be in an expanding mode today. You may take complete advantage of this now. You may apply for a sizeable loan for buying a new home or a vehicle and you may get this loan quite easily.

Aquarius Family Today Aquarius, as you have ignored your family for some time, today may be the day to redress the balance. You may go for a picnic or other group outdoor activity. Any such thing may be great fun with family members.

Aquarius Career Today You may have to maintain momentum in professional endeavors. Your work may remain the same. You may try to focus more on your professional life. There are chances that you may get new projects to work on.

Aquarius Health Today You may realize that you need to institute some drastic changes in your lifestyle and dietary pattern. Aquarius, today may be the day when you may start to implement this change in your life and this may surprise you by bringing out a wonderful you.

Aquarius Love Life Today You may be emotional about your life and your loved one. You may understand her/his perspective and may work accordingly. You may not be biased on any matter with him/her. Your loving and affectionate nature may be a constant support to your partner.

Lucky Number: 18

Lucky Colour: Golden Brown

PISCES(Feb 20-Mar 20) Pisces, you may enjoy your well-balanced financial situation. You may not think of investing more money today. You may feel contented with what you have. Your family may not like your idea of staying home and relaxing. There may be a disagreement among family members. You may receive appreciation from your senior management. You may learn how to prioritize your tasks and produce quality work. You may be happy with your health and general body fitness. You may stick to a sound diet and you may feel fantastic in a very short span of time. Your partner may understand your pleasure and depth of commitment towards him/ her. You may get a pretty good response from your partner. You may be happy to see endless love blossom between the two of you.

Pisces Finance Today Pisces, you may need to avoid any complex financial plan today as that may need restructuring at a later stage. You may find it a bit difficult to manage your finances. There may not be much scope for you to save much.

Pisces Family Today You may not be able to fulfill all the demands of your family. Your busy schedule may not allow you to give ample time to your children. They may feel neglected and this may not be in your favor. Take care Pisces.

Pisces Career Today At work, you may have some additional pressure which may tire you by day end but it may make a big difference in your career growth. It may be good for you to divide your work among your team mates.

Pisces Health Today Pisces, you may grow careful of your diet especially what you eat as breakfast. You may stay away from eating stale food in a hurry at the pantry or any restaurant. You may prepare your own, home-cooked fresh food. Your body may love this change.

Pisces Love Life Today You may decide to show your love and affection for your partner through an extravagant public gesture. You may plan a surprise party to honor the achievements of your partner. Your way of expressing love may surprise your partner.

Lucky Number: 7

Lucky Colour: Maroon

CREDIT: Hindustan TImes

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