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Here’s Everything Deepika Padukone Eats In A Day, And How She Stays Svelte

Deepika Padukone is known for being incredibly fit and has a naturally lean body type, but she doesn’t take that for granted. She follows a strict diet and exercise regime which helps her look her best every single time.  If you want to know her diet plan and what her fitness routine is really like, we’ve listed it out for you.

What she eats in a day

According to Filmfare, Deepika starts her day with a protein-rich breakfast, which consists of two egg whites on toast. Consuming two egg whites helps reach 5% of your daily protein intake according to research. Protein helps in collagen production and helps make your skin and hair look and feel healthy. Deepika has also confessed when she is back home in Bengaluru, she loves sipping on filter coffee and tucking into idli sambhar. Idli, since it is fermented, is great for gut health and also helps making you feel full for longer periods of time.

Deepika then consumes a bowl of seasonal fruits, two hours after her breakfast. If you’re looking for healthy snacking options, there’s nothing better than eating fresh fruits that are rich in antioxidants, sugar (essential to give you energy) and essential vitamins. 

Deepika’s lunch is pretty simple, with sabzi, dal and roti which is a good mix of carbs and protein. For her mid-evening snack, she opts for a sandwich. Dinner for her is chicken, sabzi and roti.

Deepika’s fitness routine

Deepika frequently works out with celebrity fitness trainer Yasmin Karachiwala and also personal trainer Nam Wook Kang, who helped her get in shape before the MET Gala and her wedding.

Deepika does a mix of pilates, yoga and HIIT workouts to stay in shape. In an interview with a leading fashion magazine, DP had revealed that she feels swollen and unlike herself if she hasn’t kickstarted her day with a workout. 

In an interview with Filmfare, Yasmin revealed, “She (Deepika Padukone) loves Pilates. Her problem area is her legs and she loves to work them out. She follows nutritionist Pooja Makhija, so she eats every two hours. She never cheats. Deepika has been training five times a week most of the times, but I have to admit she is very passionate about fitness like a true blooded athlete, and enjoys every bit of working out.”


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