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Fitness & Diet Tips By Jacqueline Fernandez

We have dedicated this piece to Jacqueline Fernandez‘s intricate health regime.

Check out 7 fitness and diet tips sourced from THIS report, all taken by our Leo baby’s everyday routine!

1. Food & Diet

  • Day start: Her day starts with a warm glass of water with honey or lime
  • Breakfast: Boiled eggs, fresh raw fruits, and Green tea
  • Lunch: Brown rice, lentil and much more salads
  • Dinner: She likes to keep dinner light

2. Waking up

Jacqueline makes it a point to wake up at 7 in the morning and do some yogasanas and stretching exercises.

3. Strength building

To improve her strength, stamina, and stability, she likes to perform cardio exercises.

4. Hobby training

Another not so common fact about Jacqueline is that she loves to dance. This also acts as a fun way to burn all those extra calories.

5. Stamina

Jacqueline’s intense stamina building workout too comes from all the cardio exercises she does.

6. Hydration

Two hydrating agents Fernandez absolutely loves – herbal green tea and plenty of water.

7. Yoga

Jacqueline has been training herself under Yoga Instructor Anuskha Parwani. She starts her yoga with Suryanamaskar followed by varied yogasanas like Sirsasana, Utkatasana, Hanumansana, Virksasana, etc. to maintain her toned and flexible body. She performs about 20-40 Suryanamaskar. She also likes to perform various Pranayamas. According to the dusty beauty, to achieve flexibility, Yoga is the best exercise. Yoga also slows down your stress level. She practices yoga five times a week.

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