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David Warner Workout Routine and Diet Plan

One of the main pillars right now of the Australian cricket team David Warner is among the top 10 batsmen of ICC overall ranking. One of the most explosive batsmen David Warner is known for his aggression and power-hitting shots around the ground. 

Pocket size dynamite David Warner has good arm’s mussels we can see its power while he hitting balls for six or throwing a rocket through from the boundary to the stumps. Always active on the field, whether he is batting or fielding, he is always energetic and full of the killer sting. 

David Warner Workout Routine and Diet Plan

David Warner follows a strict workout and diet plan to remain in shape and to give 100% with his body fitness in the field. Here we will talk about what exactly fitness routine he follows. 

David Warner Workout Routine 

David Warner’s fitness coach and mentor Wayne Geber says about him that he is a grade-A athlete that anyone can easily spot about him. He has all speed and powerful abilities that a natural athlete has. He got endurance meals that he lacked earlier. Wayne Geber is with David Warner when he was 7 years old.

David Warner starts his day between 5-6 am when he gets ready for the workout. Warner admitted that getting early in the morning is really a hard thing but his trainer helps him in this way.

As a batsman, he does Hill Sprinting to improve stamina and leg strength. Hill Sprinting is about running and climbing on a slope. This is one of the hardest exercises for him. 

David Warner perform the following exercises

  • Hill Sprinting
  • Boxing
  • Cardio
  • Weight Training
  • Plyometrics. 

Wayne Geber says that he does exercises in different quick sessions. Every session is around 30 minutes and then he rests to recover his energy back. This kind of session routine is good for a cricketer he says. 

Generally, David Warner takes workouts in the morning but sometimes in the afternoon too. He takes quick 30 minutes workout routine four or five times a week. 

David Warner Diet Plan 

David Warner is very strict with what he eats but does not include prerequisite meals in his diet plan but always tries to have low carb and high protein. He likes to have natural fruits and vegetables accept unhealthy junk food. 

He eats freshly prepared food that was cooking while he is on training. He follows a proper diet plan as his fitness coach suggests like having protein and carbohydrates on his meal. 


David Warner takes his fitness very seriously. During a match series of off the series, he follows a consistent workout and diet plan. 

This fitness consistency results in a very positive way for David Warner. Starts his international career in 2009 throughout the years he is one of the most recognized players in world cricket. In 2015 he becomes the third batsman who scored 100 on both of the innings of a test match. In 2017 he won Allan Border Awards for best ODI player for the year.

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