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Astrological Houses to Examine During Crucial Problems in Life

Life is full of uncertainty and unpredictable moments. Sometimes it offers you a bundle of great joy and happiness. Other times, you are clueless about the end of the darkest period in your life. Vedic astrology helps you understand the meaning of different houses in your horoscope and why do you go through a certain phase in your life.

In Vedic Astrology, there are twelve houses, and each of these houses has its significance. In this article, we would learn the significance of astrological houses and how they are connected to the different problems in your life.

Types of houses in Vedic astrology –

House number 1

The first house in astrology is the most important in any birth chart. It shows the details of the overall personality of a person. Your physical appearance, mood and temperament, strengths, and weaknesses can all be understood from a minute reading of this particular house of your horoscope.

House number 2

The 2nd house of your horoscope denotes the immediate family, first family teachings or sacraments, your speech, ability to save, fondness of gems & jewelry, and your overall wealth or finance.

House number 3

The third house represents your communications, mental courage, strength, efforts, boldness, short travels, valor, younger siblings, neighbors, etc.

House number 4

This specific house symbolizes the house of the mother and general happiness and prosperity. Vehicles, real estate, properties, domestic life, farms, fields, etc.

House number 5

The 5th house in astrology represents the house of creativity, speculation, education, and children. It also denotes love affairs, recreation, art, skills, mantras, etc.

House number 6

The sixth house is the house of diseases, enemies, debts, sports, competition, maternal relatives, loans, government jobs, etc.

House number 7

The seventh house represents the house of marriage and partnerships, business, conjugal life, influence in a foreign land, relationships in public, reputation, type of marriage, and spouse.

House number 8

The 8th house of your horoscope is about the house of longevity, accidents, and spontaneity. It also denotes secret affairs, inheritance, in-laws, misfortune, delay, disgrace, occult science, and research abilities.

House number 9

The 9th house denotes the house of good fortune and luck. One can understand spiritual pursuits, long journeys, higher education, philosophy, father, faith, wisdom, etc.

House number 10

The 10th house is about the occupation of a person. It also symbolizes the status, prestige, dignity, esteem, fame, government authority, power, job, and promotion of a person’s life.

House number 11

The eleventh house in your horoscope represents the house of friendship, gains, and profits, elder siblings, the fulfillment of desires and ambitions, recovery from sickness.

House number 12

This house in Vedic astrology symbolizes expenses, losses, foreign connections, investments, charity, secret enemies, success in the occult field or abroad, bed pleasures, hospitalization, prison, etc.

Lord of each house in astrology

In a birth chart, every house has a particular sign in it. The lord (planet) of the sign governs that specific house in a horoscope. The placement/conjunction/aspect of any house, and the ruling master determines the fate of the house and its consequence.

One can refer to the houses and lords of the signs in the list above. One can find the astrological reason why a person is going through certain phases or problems in life from these houses.

In any birth chart, the 12 astrological houses are classified into four categories.


The 1st, 5th, and 9th houses and their lords are regarded as very promising for the native that represents personality, creative inclinations, and philosophical bent in life.


The 1st, 4th, 7th, and 10th houses, and their lord also prove quite beneficial for the native as they represent strengths, happiness, partnership, career, and profession.


The 6th, 8th, and the 12 houses along with the lords are deemed as the evil houses alongside the 3rd, 6th, and 11th houses. The cumulation of these houses represents risky affairs, a house of disease, sickness, etc.


The second and the seventh house along with their lords in a horoscope are considered, as the destroyers in Vedic astrology.

Astrological significance of house for crucial life problems

Any combination of Trikona and Kendra house and their lords are accepted as beneficial and positive for the native. However, if the lord of these auspicious houses in association with any evil houses or their lords, the native will face problems related to the house, that it represents.

Let us understand how to approach a problem in life, correlating it with the concerned house and its consequences.


For any problem concerning partnership or your marriage, an astrologer will look deeply into the 7th house and the lord and analyze the issues it is most prone to as per planetary movements.

The placement of the planets and lord in the 7th house will explain key details that concern your marriage. If the house lord is posited in Kendra or Trikona, it will be favorable for the native. However, in association with any evil house or their lord may pose threats to the prospects of your marriage.

The association of an evil house with the 10th house and its lord would create trouble in the marital paradise.

Career/Professional life

For those facing job-related issues in their professional life, a Vedic expert would closely look into the 10th house and the lord for a better understanding of the obstacles or unnecessary hurdles you are going through.

The placement/conjunction/aspect (PCA) of different planets in the 10th house along with the lord or the master of the tenth house would give accurate predictions of the trouble in your profession or career.

Students finding it difficult to concentrate on their studies or not getting desired success, an astrologer would find the reasons for the trying period through a detailed study of the 5th house and 9th house and its association with the evil house or the lords.

CREDIT: Astrological Houses

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