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Ananya Pandey Fitness Secrets: Know her tips!

Ananya Pandey Fitness Secrets: Ananya Panday is only 22 years old, yet her attitude toward exercise and self-care belies her youth. “When you appreciate and pay attention to your body because of all that it does for you, that is how you come to love yourself. More than everything else in the world, it is there for you. This is the method she uses.

1. You can use your exercise as skincare

While engaging in regular exercise has many physical advantages (like boosting immunity, lowering heart disease, and increasing metabolism), it also causes a flush that looks like you’ve just worked out to appear on your face. Panday described how doing yoga “brightens up my face and makes the joyful hormones flow, which, in turn, lends a pinkish blush to my cheeks.” Yoga, which needs constant movement, is an exercise type that produces vasodilation, which increases blood flow to the skin and gives it more oxygen and nutrients, giving it a healthy, lit-from-within shine.

2. Ananya Pandey Fitness Secrets: Make time for a morning workout.

According to experts, working out in the morning can help you get the most out of the rest of the day. For starters, you’ll be less tempted to skip getting on the mat because it’s done and out of the way. “I swear by beginning my mornings with yoga. I only schedule things after I finish working out, said Panday. The body may burn fat more efficiently if exercise is done in the morning because the metabolism is already up.

3. Increase your mobility and flexibility.

Although stretching may not be the most enjoyable element of your fitness routine, it is crucial to improve your motion and agility to safeguard your muscles and joints and reduce the risk of injury during aerobic or weightlifting exercises. Pilates is a must-do for Panday, especially because it uses controlled, repetitive motions to stretch and strengthen the body. Pilates is one of my favorites. I’m not at all flexible, so it calms my body, and it’s quite helpful for stretching,” she affirmed.

4. Put yourself to the test with fun new exercises.

While Panday may regularly practice Hatha or vinyasa yoga at home, her most recent preferred form of exercise when she seeks to push herself is aerial yoga. Your stretches are deeper while you’re upside down, and the exercise eliminates the joint pressure and spinal compression that floor exercises can cause. Additionally, it eases tension and releases endorphins. In the caption, Panday said, “The world is better upside down.

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