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Ali Fazal Talks About his Fitness Regime and his Transformation

Ali Fazal entered Bollywood as a lanky guy and gained popularity with his role in Fukrey. Over the years, his roles have demanded he transform his physicality. And oh boy! has he transformed himself. Today he’s one of the fittest actors in B-town. 

Ali Fazal transformation began with Mirzapur, where the makers wanted him to bulk up. Ever since he’s been religiously following a fitness regime. Speaking to us exclusively about his fitness, the actor says even when he is on a vacation or shooting in places where there are no gyms, he makes sure he does basic exercise. Says he, “You can always do squats and push-ups. In fact, I enjoy doing a hundred push-ups and squats each day as they are a complete exercise in themselves.”

Another activity he loves is running. He’s been an athlete all his life and running has been part of his fitness regime ever since he was in school.  He smiles, “The best part is that you don’t need anything else other than a pair of shoes for this exercise. ”  He reveals that he used to be a triple jumper in school and took part in shot put as well. Basketball was another discipline he followed in school. He still plays it with his friends at the Bandra YMCA court. 

Ali Fazal also loves cycling. In fact in the pre-lockdown days, the actor would wake up at 4 am and cycle from Bandra to town and back. “It’s a fun activity if you do it in a group. Early morning is the best time as Mumbai roads get cluttered with traffic later,” he says. 

The actor also points out that exercise forms only one half of fitness. The other equally important half is a healthy diet.  “Healthy fat found in ghee, coconut oil and butter is good. This diet helps burn the fat stored in your body more effectively,” he claims. He stays away from carbohydrates and sugar and snacks on nuts. He cautions that cutting off carbohydrates completely isn’t good. He makes sure he has rice, potatoes or sweet potatoes once in a while. He stays away from fruit because of their high sugar content. The only exception is the banana, which he has before workout. He loves salads though. He reflects that the biggest hurdle to keeping fit is motivation. Says he, “People set unrealistic goals for themselves. They see fitness as a huge mountain to climb and that deflates their spirit. One should be realistic. Take each day at a time. Be patient and maintain an exercise routine, a balanced diet and you’ll get there.”

Point noted Mr Fazal.

CREDIT: Filmfare

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