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5 fitness lessons you need to learn from Sushmita Sen

“Somedays it’s just harder to stay committed, and so I focus on my breath & wait, until I hear that familiar voice say, ‘There is absolutely NOTHING you can’t do,” advises Sen.

If you happen to browse through Sushmita Sen’s Instagram account, you will find yourself motivated and inspired and work towards the same dedication she has for her mind and body. From motivational quotes, to a mix of workout routines, to her fitness mantra and journey, here are a few lessons you can learn from her.

1) Consistency is key

Sen may not be a regular at the gym, but having worked through injury and an autoimmune disease, she keeps working on her fitness and wellness. According to her trainer, Nupur Shikhare, “She is currently working on bodyweight training and flexibility. Mobility is another key area that you’ll find her focusing on—core strengthening, head-to-toe mobility and shoulder rotations are a prominent feature of her regimen,” he shared. She makes sure to clock in four sessions a week at her home gym, for two hours each.

2) Be open to trying new things

“What really characterises Sushmita Sen is her drive and enthusiasm for trying out new things. She is extremely clued into the latest workouts and I constantly have her coming up with new innovations that she’d like to incorporate into her regimen. She spends hours researching new techniques in minute detail, and often breaks them down and tries them out on her own to figure out how they work for her,” shared Shikhare. Sen believes that working out at the gym will keep you healthy but trying new things can challenge you even further. She now has added calisthenics, aerial silk yoga and combination martial arts to her routine.

3) Don’t compromise on a healthy, balanced diet

For Sen, a balanced diet is essential and you won’t find her skipping meals. “Vegetables and grilled fish are a mainstay in her daily meals, coupled with adequate hydration,” confirmed Shikhare. Another add-on that she swears by is a concoction of neem and honey, which she confirms is not as bad as it sounds.

4) Find motivation by pushing yourself

You may have seen Sen’s photos of herself trying yoga poses that require balance and focus. The actor believes in putting all your efforts into achieving what you want and try to reach your personal best. “What a feeling it is to find balance & stability after all the failed attempts,” she shared.

5) Age is just a number

“It may sound cliché, but that’s what it comes down to. At 45, Sushmita Sen’s intense workout regimen belies her age. When you like what you do, the enthusiasm and the consistency follows on its own. The key is to find a discipline you like, whether it is running, sports or yoga. Start out slow, by allotting yourself an hour daily, and then slowly escalate the intensity of your chosen form of exercise,” advises Shikare.


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