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1 Fact You Probably Didn’t Know About Your Zodiac Sign, As Told By An Astrologer

You might think you know a lot about astrology, but chances are, what you know is just scratching the surface. The wealth of knowledge on the subject is truly infinite, making you an eternal student of the subject. And if you were interested in learning some weird facts about each zodiac sign, you’ve come to the right place!

You’ve probably heard the typical stereotypes of each of the signs, such as Taurus being stubborn, Geminis being two-faced and Leo’s being attention-seeking. However, have you ever wondered where these zodiac signs got their reputations from? And have you ever considered that even your least favorite zodiac sign has something beautiful and irreplaceable about them? For every astrological certainty, there’s always another question that needs answering, which is why we spoke with astrologer and cosmic meme-artist Alberto Toribio about an important fact you might not know about your zodiac sign.

In fact, he wrote a book on the subject called Dirtbag Astrology: Sign-by-Sign No-Filter Cosmic Truths, which is set to be released on June 28, 2022. In this gorgeous book, Toribio does not mince words when he describes the raw, unapologetic truth behind each zodiac sign’s idiosyncrasies. In it, he even delves into topics such as your zodiac sign’s unique kink, the astrological explanation for why you’re drunk-texting your ex and the real reason your sun sign is so suspicious.

If you’re tired of the cosmic clichés and niceties, then you’ll want Dirtbag Astrology to be a core tenet of your zodiac library. Pull it out whenever you need to be called out and whenever you’re looking for a laugh, because Toribio is not pulling punches. Plus, it’s small enough and light enough to fit in your bag, making it an on-the-go source of astrological entertainment.

Without further ado, here’s what Alberto Toribio has to say about all 12 of the zodiac signs:

The 1 Fact You Didn’t Know About Your Zodiac Sign


Aries often has a reputation for being mean and feisty, as though they’re always looking for a fight! And while you might have the image in your head of a big ol’ monster, Alberto says that “because they’re the first sign in the zodiac, they are also the baby of the group.” So next time you’re feeling terrified of talking to your intimidating Aries boss, remember—they’re just an innocent lil cub! They’re known for “taking in every moment and experiencing life as if everything is brand new,” Alberto continues.


The archetype of Taurus is often reduced to being a stubborn bull who can’t let anything go. However, they’re also incredibly artistic, thanks to their connection with the five senses: sight, sound, taste, touch and smell. Alberto says: “They love food, furniture, wine, clothes and sex. Anything you can have and feel with the senses, Taurus has full adoration for it.” So next time a Taurus won’t forgive you, just light a scented candle and give them a back-rub. They’ll be like putty in your hands in no time!


You might *think* that Geminis are heartless and unemotional, thanks to their reputations for being too intellectual and too commitment-phobic. However, Alberto completely disagrees! He tells STYLECASTER: “Geminis have this urge to learn from everything and everywhere. They want to exchange ideas. They want to know everything, and ultimately, it is done out of love.” He also explains that “because Geminis are esoterically ruled by Venus, their thirst for knowledge is really just a love letter to life. They want to admire the mystery, horror, beauty and grace behind it all.”


Cancers are seen as overly sensitive crybabies with moods that change at a moment’s notice. It’s a funny stereotype, but have you ever wondered where it comes from? Alberto explains that it has everything to do with the fact that they’re ruled by the moon. He says Cancers are “known to change their moods and habits every two and a half days,” which is the same amount of time the moon spends in each zodiac sign! “As a Cancer follows the 28-day lunar cycle, it’s always important for them to know what the moon is up to. Some days, they might want to shine and be seen, because the moon is in Leo. Other days, they just want to be at home and nurture their sacred space, because the moon is in Cancer,” Alberto tells us.


You might *think* Leo’s are just attention-seeking dives, but they’re so much more powerful than that. Leo’s can manifest and manipulate their own reality, according to Toribio. He explains that “although they have a reputation of thinking they’re brighter than everyone else, the secret truth is, they are. Leo’s understand that life is made out of your belief, and they wIll make you believe that only their world exists.” Next time you’re annoyed that a Leo believes they’re “better” than you, remember—they also have the courage to believe in their own worth.


In astrology, both Virgo and Gemini are ruled by Mercury—planet of communication and logic—which can make it difficult to understand the true differences between these zodiac signs. Alberto explains that “while Gemini is on an endless search for knowledge, Virgo is actually applying their knowledge to reality. Learning from experience and actively growing is the Virgo way and they’re always making the effort to change the world with their knowledge.”


You might think Libras are too sensitive or too romantic, but this zodiac sign is also an intellectual warrior. In fact, becoming a lawyer would be the *perfect* career for this Venus-ruled air sign! Using their intelligence to fight for the underdog is their fave thing to do. Alberto explains: “Libra is a sign that is not all about the self, because they are deeply fascinated by others. They understand the world isn’t just for them. They occupy this world with other people, and they’re the first to try to make sense of all the differences. They’re associated with justice, as anyone can probably suspect because their sign is symbolized by the scale.”


Like its sister sign—Taurus—Scorpios have also earned themselves a reputation for being grudge-holders who don’t know how to embrace change and let the past go. A common stereotype of a Scorpio is someone who stay in situations way past their expiration date. And while they may fear change, Alberto explains that “Scorpio is actually the sign that put things to an end; they know when something *needs* to end in order for something new to begin. Not every relationship can work. Not everyone has your best interest at heart. And some of your vices can end up destroying you. And Scorpio is a sign that takes fate into their hand and decides to end things.”


You might have read that Sagittarians are wise, erudite philosophers who always know the most profound thing to say and the deepest understanding of the truth. And while they may be wildly intelligent, they don’t get their knowledge from textbooks, but from the School of Hard Knocks. Sagittarius is a lot more brusque than you might think! Alberto explains that “Sagittarians are trying to have a library of wisdom that can only come from experience. They tend to be blunt. They tend to be galloping from place to place. They like to be the ‘know-it-all’. They can’t be still for too long. For better or worse, they’re the sign that likes to f*ck around and find out.”


You might think Capricorns are just boring workaholics who can be ruthless in positions of power. And while that can occasionally be true, it’s disregarding how magical Capricorn truly is. Alberto explains: “Capricorns understand the true meaning of manifestation; of working hard to achieve big things. They are a sign ruled by a mystical creature known as the sea goat. As such, Capricorn is a mystical sign that like to work, likes to dream and enjoy working hard to achieve what their heart desires.” And while a goat can climb mountains, its fish tail also makes them able to adapt to the changing currents.


Aquarius has a reputation for being highly intellectual and rational in their thinking. However, Alberto begs to differ, telling us that they can sometimes become obsessed with their vision to the point of narrow-mindedness. He tells STYLECASTER: “They are very conscious of what’s happening in the world, maybe to a fault. In fact, an Aquarius can get blinded by their ideals, forgetting to take care over of their own home in the process of caring so much about the world. But if there’s ever a problem, you can count on an Aquarius to help find resources to uplift your life.”


If you’ve ever spent time around a Pisces, you know how spacey they can be! You’ll be telling them a story and they’ll be staring off into the distance, thinking about something else and tuning you out completely. And while this can make Pisces seem like airheads, Alberto explains that it’s something else entirely. He says “When the world gets harsh, Pisces likes to travel to another world. Pisces understands how temporary and endless this life can be, which makes them want to appreciate it on a deeper level.” And when a Pisces is lost in a daydream, it’s not that they’re ignoring you on purpose; they’re just thinking of something more interesting.

CREDIT: StyleCaster

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